TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Top Google searches: PSY, Kobe Bryant

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg shares what people were searching for on Google over the weekend, from PSY’s new single to Kobe Bryant’s season-ending injury.

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>>> we're back with the hottest searches on google from the weekend with a peek at what people are interested in now. daniel sieberg a togoogle technologist. i like that title.

>> thank you.

>> these are the topics that got a lot of traffic over the weekend.

>> think of getting the pulse of the internet over the weekend. we looked at friday night to sunday evening what are people interested in, trying to get context around, curious about. these are some of the topics we found.

>> the aurora borealis ?

>> or the northern lights as it's more commonly known it happens when a solar flare comes out of the sun, the charged particles hit the atmosphere and create this amazing light show . it turns out there was one on thursday, a solar flare . over the weekend you could see it in places like pennsylvania, new york and new jersey, where you can't normally see the aurora borealis so people searching for the images to say i did see it because they want to know what it looks like.

>> psy, mr. gangnam style releasing "gentleman." have you heard it?

>> i have.

>> so the next one people are looking forward to find it on youtube .

>> most watched video on youtube with more than 1.5 billion gangnam style. "gentleman" has the same theme and humor psy is known for. in less than 48 hours 55 million, who knows, it could be up to 100 million.

>> there is no horses.

>> but there is another dance, i don't know that it's got a name.

>>> kickalicious, a guy from norway impressing the detroit lions .

>> another youtube obsession. he put together amazing kicks from all over the football field , you can see him with the left foot, kicking it on to a train track, car and boat. he got the attention of nfl teams including the detroit lions who signed him recently as one of their kickers. he tried out for the jets as well. cool story of getting a viral video and a job.

>> to the economy, gold and silver prices taking a dip, a lot of people searching for that.

>> somewhat of a dramatic tumble. people were searching those over the weekend, figuring out where that's going to go. we saw kitco where you can buy and sell gold products. people are concerned wondering why this is happening.

leonardo dicaprio , sorry, leonardo da vinci .

>> it's his birthday.

>> there's this new show called " da vinci 's demons." it's a combination, is this historically accurate? he's known for the mona lisa and drawing and anatomy and science but is this based on his life? a lot of people searching for him. 16th century to 21st century .

>> leonardo extremely good looking.

>> and action adventure hero.

>> who knew? daniel sieberg thank you so much.