TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Bring on the Play-Doh! Retro toys make a comeback

In the toy world, what’s old is new again. Toy insider mom Laurie Schact shares some of your childhood favorites that are becoming popular again, including Lincoln Logs, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Play-Doh.

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>> still.

>> great building sets then and now and interesting lincoln logs were made by john lloyd wright , son of frank the famous architect and they are named after president lincoln .

>> interesting. 1950s , talking play-doh. interesting fact it was used to clean the soot off of wallpaper.

>> clean the soot off of wallpaper and because it's so moldable it ended up in kids' hands. play-doh plus makes it nice and fun to decorate, push it down, your prevent sweets.

>> there we go. how many of us made the looms?

>> pot holders, so another tidbit that was waste from stock production in the depression and by the '50s we saw the looms in every household.

>> i can't remember how to do it but that was cool. spin-art.

>> two of my favorite art toys , spirograph, all about the gears and the holes and we make cool designs and spin art , we turn this an, you can put the paint in here, you drop the paint in and make these great creations.

>> i still love this. it's fun. as i get sucked into the spinner. the cabbage patch dolls and the '80s.

>> who can forget the fan fair when they came out. they are just as loved today as they were 30 years ago. we have our celebration girl that will help us celebrate 30 years this holiday season .

>> is she out just yet?

>> she's not out but the rest of them are.

>> soon. okay.

>> smurfs. they're back.

>> smurfs became popular in the '80s because of the tv show . there will be a film this summer, we'll see them on the big screen "surfs 2" and kids can recreate their favorite villages and collect their favorite characters like smurfette and papa smurf .

>> pacman.

>> pacman, there's going to be a tv series and if you push him down this is the gooey packed in.

>> that's disgusting. i am gross. okay, and power rangers ?

>> mighty morpher power rangers .

>> they're back.

>> you want to play?

>> i don't think they ever went away actually.

>> kids love to build with the mega zorgs and we have our new morpher.

>> thank you very much.