TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Giuliana, Bill Rancic talk baby, ‘Ready for Love’

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, co-hosts of NBC’s dating competition show, “Ready for Love,” talk about “big eater” baby Duke and say their new project “revolutionizes the way dating shows are run.”

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>>> bill and juliana rancik are adding to their busy schedule co-hosting "ready for love" and from the looks of things they certainly know how to have fun with it.

>> if it makes you feel any better juliana made the first move.

>> oh, you wish! he wishes! that is the biggest bunch of baloney.

>> come on, honey, you can fess up.

>> i didn't kiss you for three days. you kept trying to lean in.

>> on our second date i tried to kiss her and she threw the cheek at me.

>> bill and giuliana , who made the first move?

>> i tried to make the first move and i was rejected.

>> apparently you got the cheek.

>> that was bun of my rules no, kiss for at least three dates. i didn't want to be the kiting bandit so that was my big role.

>> you played hard to get and worked out.

>> thank you, natalie.

>> we'll talk about "ready for love" in a bill. giuliana you've been open about the battle with breast cancer , the fertility problems and now a baby son at home. how are you doing?

>> i'm doing great, 16 months post double mastectomy, and did some tests the other day and everything came out looking great. it's always nerve-racking walking in the doctor's office. when i got the call everything was great -- actually bill takes the call to be that honest.

>> it's hard.

>> it's scary, you never know what you'll ever hear. bill took the call and everything was fine.

>> and little duke of course your pride and joy, now 7 months. tell us about him.

>> such a cutie pie, looking more and more like this guy every day.

>> he loves to eat, i'll tell you. he eats like a horse.

>> does he have teeth yet?

>> has two teeth and they are sharp as razors. put your finger near his mouth and he'll snap it off.

>> don't always put a green mustache but that was st. patrick's day. bill is a baby hog, he's in every picture, i'm in none.

>> the kid comes with me everywhere, grocery store.

>> i'm the same way, i take the pictures.

>> there are two pictures of me in the house and they're both blurry so that's the way it is.

>> tell me about doing the show "ready for love." you guys are so busy. how do you find time?

>> we fell in love with the show instantly so we said we'll make time because it was a new concept and it's really revolutionizing the way these dating shows are now run and it's got a lot of drama. we're predicting two of the three guys get married by the end of the show .

>> do you really think so?

>> absolutely.

>> ben, tim and ernesto. there was a surprise drama?

>> the pretty brunette carrie she found out he was in the show and she came back to the show, she comes back and fights for him. so the question is you know, he has a certain familiarity with her, so does he keep her around, does he try to have something with her or does he kind of --

>> find new love.

>> try to find new love and abandon that. lot of people go through that so it will be interesting.

>> it did not go well with the other girls. the gloves come off tomorrow night.

>> that will make it interesting. bill and giuliana , you guys are like family. you'll be back in our fourth hour with hoda and kathie lee . "ready for love" airs 9:00,