TODAY   |  April 21, 2013

Elizabeth Mitchell plays warrior mom in ‘Revolution’

The power may be out, but the stakes are high on the show “Revolution,” which depicts a postapocalyptic future. Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the character Rachel Matheson, told TODAY what it’s like to play a mother who is also a killer. TODAY’s Erica Hill, Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe interview the actress.

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>> learning you have a few scores to settle.

>> i do.

>> definitely a backstory going on.

>> a lot of backstory, yes.

>> we most recently learned about the power, what really happens --

>> yes.

>> it seems like a big reveal to happen so early in the show, not that i wasn't happy about it.

>> i know. i was just thinking, if it's like a one- trick pony , where it's the only thing, then that's it. and they decided, no, let's make it more, which i like.

>> you play a mom in this story.

>> yeah.

>> you have two kids, you lost one of your kids in one of the recent episodes.

>> yes.

>> you're also a killer, a little bit. it's a little bit of a balance trying to play --

>> yes, a killer, a sociopath.

>> yes.

>> but it all makes sense, right?

>> well, yes, you're trying to --

>> you can justify it. it's really interesting talking to people about it, because all of the women i talk to, she's completely mystified, and then, like, whoa.

>> the season was a little bit of a disaster. you have so much action on the set. is your behind-the-scenes equally as entertaining?

>> i saw you guys behind the scenes . you laugh a lot. and we're appropriate. which is lovely.

>> yes.

>> i didn't see that.

>> yes, no, it's nice group of people.

>> elizabeth mitchell , great to have you. a big fan of the show.

>> great.

>> thanks for being with us, everyone.