TODAY   |  April 14, 2013

‘The Foodie Magician’ tricks TODAY anchors

“That was unbelievable,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer, after Josh Beckerman, better known as “The Foodie Magician,” performed tricks on Dreyer and her co-anchors in Studio 1A. TODAY’s Lester Holt, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe, and Dylan Dreyer interview Josh Beckerman.

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>> have josh have his magic work on us in the studio. by us, i mean the people making the decisions. not us. lester and i are your first guinea pigs ?

>> yes. i wanted to do a trick that has to do with connection, love. how long have you guys known each other for?

>> six months?

>> six months, yeah.

>> a long time. we'll do this quick. for this trick, though, erica, you need to be relaxed. drink a lot of iced coffee , are you relaxed?

>> oh, yes, totally relaxed. don't worry.

>> take a deep breath. your birthday is july 20th , 1976 , is that correct? that wasn't my reading. i googled that before i came here.

>> because that got creepy for a minute. by the way, you never reveal a lady's age, but whatever. eyes are closed, right?

>> you can hear my voice. i'll touch you with the card. like, very, lightly. be aware of every touch or sensation. don't say anything. the question is, did you feel a touch?

>> mm-hmm.

>> where?

>> on my knows.

>> did you feel a touch?

>> on my chin.

>> yes, very good. be relaxed. the "weekend today" studios. where did i touch you?

>> my forehead.

>> open your eyes .

>> you've known lester how long?

>> six months.

>> i hope you dvr'd this episode.

>> i wasn't touching you. i was touching lesser is.

>> what?

>> he was touching my forehead, my chin.

>> give him a round of applause.

>> all right.

>> watch it afterwards. wow.

>> they blanked our monitors. okay!

>> the next trick is my signature trick, as i'm known at the foodie magician, not fruity. my signature trick is guessing people's favorite restaurants.

>> okay.

>> do dylan here. dylan , you're from where originally?

>> from new jersey.

>> correct. you're doing well so far. is there a restaurant in new york city you love?

>> yes.

>> i love hundreds. think of one. keep it in your mind. it will take me around one minute to guess your restaurant . hold my hand. this has nothing to do with the trick. i just want to touch you. 50% of restaurants in new york are italian. don't say it, a poker face , i'm going to go non-italian. dylan , from new jersey, it will be american. so maybe thinking of great gramercy tavern. no. maybe you're thinking of -- actually, i feel like you eat seafood, so maybe the lower part, no, a poker face . going to go with this. i see you eating oysters. so are you thinking -- all right, guys, can you read that?

>> yes.

>> yeah.

>> that's your favorite restaurant ?

>> i don't know.

>> okay. are you thinking of the great seafood restaurant aqua grill? yes or no?

>> no!

>> oh! well, let me ask you this. what's the cuisine of the restaurant in your mind?

>> it's seafood-ish.

>> okay, i was close. what was the name of the restaurant ?

>> ditch plains.

>> ditch -- the upper west side ?

>> yes.

>> the one on this board?

>> yes.

>> oh, come on!

>> i swear, i wrote that down.

>> that's fantastic.

>> it's in my pocket the whole time.

>> give her a round of applause. we have time for one more, i think.

>> yeah.

>> yes!

>> i'm shaking.

>> so this is a brand-new deck. jenna?

>> yes.

>> dwayne reed, the cards, you can name any card aloud. any card.

>> right now?

>> yes.

>> ace of hearts .

>> now, i intertwine the magic with -- i like to think of it as comedy. if i was a mind reader, i would take out a deck of cards, seal the wrap, and pull that card out of my pocket, as a mind reader. this is what you can do with a business degree from dotcom university. oops. cat's out of the bags.

>> this is so much more interesting.

>> very good.

>> really, really good.

>> a brand-new deck of cards just opened. what i want you to do is touch a card. any card. flip it over. you took the --

>> show the cameras.

>> no!

>> 15th card?

>> that's awesome.

>> oh, my god.

>> the ace of hearts .

>> what you don't realize is i'll harass you for the rest of my god-given life how did you this.

>> so you show up at tables and start doing tricks?

>> no, i have a website, since i happen to be a professional magician, comedian, i entertain everybody at the restaurant . it's a dinner and show every night of the week.

>> consider us entertained.

>> yes, absolutely.

>> i'm going to scratch your chin for you.

>> yeah, is the forehead itching a little bit?

>> bizarre.

>> josh beckerman, good to have you here. i think your parents will be okay with