TODAY   |  April 13, 2013

Berries, baby vegetables for spring entertaining

Spring’s fresh produce includes carrots and asparagus, both perfect for salads and sides, and cost less as they hit their prime at the top of the season. Another fresh ingredient, herbs, are also becoming a big trend in cocktails. Southern Living’s Norman King is interviewed by TODAY’s Lester Holt.

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>> for fresh fruits and vegetables. there are ways to incorporate them into every course of the menu. here to show us how is norman king , test kitchen professional for southern living . norman, good to have you on.

>> great to be here.

>> let's talk about spring vegetables coming into season right now and they're cheap.

>> low cost and i want to show you great recipe ideas that we perfected in our test kitchen that you can use. you'll see asparagus green and white. keep eye out for baby vegetables. best part about these is they take 15 minutes . simple seasoning is the key. quick cooking times. beautiful roasted carrot salad with avocado and feta cheese on it. delicious and tasty. also beautiful.

>> looks good. berries are coming into season.

>> they are the most flavorable and lowest price of the actual season. we have done something cool. southern style with fresh razz raspberry and vanilla bean paste and if you want, you can chop up some strawberries, fresh blueberries and add mozzarella cheese and basil and put it on top.

>> a little cheese .

>> a little savory play.

>> herbs are coming into season right now. they are using them in cocktails.

>> we are definitely using them in cocktails and beyond mint. this is a southern spin. we have added fresh citrus, strawberry, simple syrup and i want you to help me make one of these. we'll gentle muddle this quickly together.

>> we have orange and simple syrup and strawberries and we'll add ice in there.

>> looks so beautiful and springy.

>> poor dry whisky.

>> just a little here.

>> and you can add a dash of bitters and club soda . a nonalcoholic cocktail or