TODAY   |  April 13, 2013

Leather dresses for spring? New trends for the season

“Brights mean business,” says lifestyle expert Megan Meany. Patterns and accessories are also being incorporated in unique ways this season, with a bright color palette carrying over into the home office. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Megan Meany.

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>> we've got it all covered for you this morning from the latest fashion trends to new ideas for your spring menu.

>> to help start us off, we're embracing color and pattern in new and unique ways. here's with the latest look is the lifestyle expert and curator of megan's must you are springing in gorgeous in this color . i love it. the first trend is color in springtime.

>> lots of color even with leather. we see leather in spring now. celebs doing this on the red carpet . powder blue faux leather. it's a little lighter dress. $49 and a lighter price tag. leather. get leather for spring. of course we can't always be fashionable. we have to be functionable. for those spring showers, the pocketable jacket.

>> we see a lot of this.

>> prints are everywhere. you have to have the camo print or paint splattered look. go simple on top though.

>> you can only have pattern on one place.

>> head to toe pattern. these are hair accessories for target. six or seven bucks. it's not grandma's floral. it's modern cool girl appeal. they have head wraps and headbands and even elastic.

>> metallics are big.

>> heavy metal even on shoes. men's inspired oxford. color , neon and bling.

>> oxford is big this year.

>> wear it with short capris. heavy metal . you want studs and nail heads and chunky. it's futuristic and sleek this spring with jewelry. you see it on shoes. you see it with jewelry. let jewelry be your texture. it's tough and edgy and not sweet gemstones this spring.

>> i love this. what a great pop of color .

>> this is pop of color . brights mean business . brighten up the desk. no more dull desk top . get this stuff for top drawer of your file cabinet or for on top of the desk. pick a color . they coordinate everything for you. it's inexpensive. $20, $40. awesome.

>> inspiration at your desk during the day. this is adorable. you were sitting on this when we went to break.

>> get pattern. it has removable slip cover. $74. you can wash off the stains.

>> or swap it out for the season. you can bring it inside. i hope you were taking note, lester.