TODAY   |  April 13, 2013

Gardening innovations just in time for spring

As part of the “Do more with spring TODAY” series, the Home Depot’s Mike Cartozzo showed ways to make tackling the next home improvement project simpler and easier, with new gadgets and ideas. The Home Depot’s Mike Cartozzo is interviewed by TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> nice to have you back.

>> great to be back.

>> we're looking at things that can make your life easier as you get your home ready in the spring. one of the first things people need to tackle are weeds and pest control .

>> i'm always amazed at the innovation that these manufacturers come up with. you think a weed killer , how much better can they get? there are little things they come up with. this is a cool system. like you said, it kills pests and weeds. what they've done is where you would normally have different products for all of your different problems, you would have something for ants. something for wasps. all kinds of different weed products. you would have to store those things and buy those things and they have combined them into one system.

>> they're just as effective?

>> absolutely. it saves you from buying different products and keeping track of them and storing them. there are little concentrate packages that you can get. there's one for inside the house. one for the perimeter of the house. one for weeds in the lawn and one for grass and weeds.

>> each individual thing.

>> everything you need. each of these makes a billion of the product. you twist this off, right. say you're doing your lawn. you want to do the perimeter of your house, take the lid off and twist it on. the wand actually mixes the water.

>> the water is in here. it sucks it up into here and takes in concentrate.

>> right. so you just fill, twist and spray. a lot less mess.

>> not everyone wants to use a chemical. i have used white vinegar on weeds in the driveway. is that effective?

>> if you are concern ed about that and you want to go organic route, we have those options. they take longer but if you have time that's okay.

>> now is the time for trimming and getting everything ready. you talked about innovations. if you use a manual trimmer, you are way behind the times .

>> this is the string trimmer that runs off two kinds of power. normally would you have an electric one like this one. you are trimming around the house. the problem is when you get to the end of your extension cord, you are out of luck. with this one you can unplug it and add a battery.

>> this is definitely one of those why didn't they do this earlier things. this is great.

>> the additional cool thing about this is that it's part of their one plus family of tools so this battery can work on over 50 tools that you've had since 1996 .

>> which is great.

>> no matter how old they are, you can add these and those batteries work on this as well. it works really well.

>> as you tackle new products, may have questions about things and you have a number of workshops.

>> we've done workshops forever. they are free in the store. this saturday, tomorrow and sunday, we have an installing glass tile clinic. the great thing about clinics is you see the process. if it's a project you thought about doing, you're not sure if you're ready to tackle it, you can see the steps and you're ready to tackle it at your own home. that's a great project.

>> nice options. great to have you back with us this