TODAY   |  April 13, 2013

Gabrielle Reece: I’m not perfect

In her new book, former volleyball star and fitness advocate Gabby Reece called exercise “the secret to everything,” but says she is not perfect. “I don't wake up every day flying out of bed in my Lycra pants going, ‘I am so excited today,’” she said.  For Reece, life is about doing your best and being happy with what you’ve got. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> famous athlete and model, gabrielle reese seemed to have it all. her life is far from perfect. we'll talk to her in just a moment. first, rock center's kate snow caught up with reese in july.

>> when you spend a couple days with a whom who can do this --

>> right off the head.

>> reporter: you know you're going to sweat a little. how come you're going so fast? in her new book, she calls exercise the secret to everything but also wants us to know she's not perfect.

>> i don't wake up every day saying i'm so excited today. i'm going to punish myself. it's a grind.

>> reporter: all of those years of beach volleyball left her with an arthritic right knee. she leads a group through gruelling training. 6'3" drill sergeant. you write in book that god doesn't care about muffin tops or cellulite, he wants you naked and smiling.

>> yep.

>> reporter: first of all, easy for you to say, miss no cellulite.

>> i have cellulite. i'm not big on saying this on camera.

>> reporter: think about what we're eating and don't obsess over little imperfections. the press can be unkind.

>> my friend calls me. sorry about that magazine. what? this day in age it's so brutal. internet is even worse . brutal. there was a picture of me that was worse than my real butt. it is my suit but whose butt is that.

>> reporter: does it bother you?

>> it bothers you for a minute. that's the other thing, we think people care as much as we do. nobody cares . only i care.

>> reporter: for gabby it's doing your best and being happy with what you got. a body, a marriage, a family with all of its imperfections. for "today," kate snow , hawaii.