TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

5 ways downsizing drinks can help weight loss

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains that loading up on liquids often sabotages people’s diet. She shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a handful of slimming tricks for your favorite drinks like alcohol, coffee, smoothies and soda.

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>>> now into other special series called drop ten pounds by memorial day , to help you look hot when you get into your thong.

>> the easiest ways to help you lose a pound a week is by cutting back on all of those liquid calories i know you don't want to hear. but "today" diet and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom is here in leather. let's talk.

>> nothing, nothing is too bad. everything in moderation, alcohol, especially, people feel depri deprived. there's a lot of good ways to cut back and enjoy it. starting with, if you like fizz, if you have something that's going to be beer, light beer or one of my favorites, champagne or sparkling wine . the fizz makes you drink slower. you can save a lot of calories that way because it slows you down.

>> have something fizzy.

>> have something fizzy.

>> and watch the servings, this is under 100 calories but if you're a wine drinker, like i know you ladies are, you have to pay attention to what these portions are.

>> this is actually, see that little mark on the side? a typical wine glass at home and pour that in. or if you don't feel like doing that --

>> that's five, that's a serving. buy a little bistro glass and fill it all the way up. no counting, no nothing.

>> you can also make --

>> munchkin glasses.

>> it's all how you see this. if you want to have a larger serving, start with this it's even less, it's three ounces but make a spritzer. can you have a giant fill all the way up to the top.

>> now red wine has more calories than white, right?

>> not enough to make a difference. 10 or 15. so just choose what you like.

>> what about real alcohol beverages.

>> liquor.

>> liquor. you want to measure this out. one and a half ounces and the mixer is very important. whether you have tomato juice or something with seltzer, don't be fooled by clear mixers, like tonic water . even the diet.

>> that's really good.

>> i like that diet tonic water .

>> the thing about coffee house drinks, the two problems are the milk and the sugar. when you look at whole milk versus skim milk, almost half the calories and the same thing for the nondairy versions, but get a skim milk low sugar syrup vanilla latte. don't be fooled by what you think is healthy. a green tea latte. people think it's must be healthier. it's a zillion calorie, 350. if you take some green tea and add a little milk yourself and add either a packet of sugar or low-calorie sweetener, it's all fine.

>> i wouldn't think about that. but thank you.

>> you've got about a minute.

>> smoothies can be a calorie thing. if you're going to buy them, downsize, look tore something around 100 calories or in a store like jamba juice , get the lightened-up version. same thing with protein shakes, they can be healthy, but a calorie bomb . look for something about 200 calories and 30 grams of pro team.

>> we all know we can sort of doll up the doll up, having seltzer and fruit and you can have a diet soda , a low-calorie soda now and then or a little baby size, these are less than 100 calories.

>> you know, i've been doing instead of just drinking the things of bottled water . i've been putting it in a pretty glass with lots of ice and lemon and lime and you feel like it's more special and drink more of it.

>> there's a lot of low calorie juice options including vegetable juice .