TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

How to personalize your jewelry collection

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows how you can create chic, personalized jewelry with letter stud earrings, 3D printed bracelets, and other accessories.

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>> having a chance to be part of it. they've been voting object your dress.

>> i have only eight weeks to plan this. i finally just said forget it, we'll get married at your house. my mom's kind of in tears right now because the sleeves on one dress -- there's all, can we just talk.

>> just about the wedding dress , the number of people who i see are clicking in voting -- i saw 8,000 for one dress. 5,000 for another.

>> it's amazing how a tweak on a white dress can affect people.

>> please help. vote on your choices.

>> is it or

>> both.

>> because i love my mom so much and i'm sorry if the sleeves didn't win. okay -- i want to talk about personalized jewelry and i've been getting a lot of compliments on these very small studs on my ear. it's the letters b and t, my initials. kim kardashian made this a big splash . so --

>> k and k.

>> i know, kanye. you can get these at classic designs by maurice, marie theresa. these are other examples of great mother's day gifts. this one says thank you for raising the man of my dreams and great stuff. and ali berger, a producer here turned me on to the updated necklace. it's like the care r bradshaw necklace, but it's got the "@"sign. and something very cool in the world of digital design. 3-d printing, we're hearing a lot of buzz about that. essentially you can design your own jewelry and come up with a design that they'll print out. and make earrings and designers are adding extra elements to threads.

>> you can have a white one.

>> if you go to shape can you be your own designer and dream these up and people can buy them. they make them in different fabrications outside of plastic.

>> and bobbie's got a book coming out soon. we'll talk about it later.