TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

'Moment' producer: Near-death experience inspired me

Charlie Ebersol, the executive producer of new reality show “The Moment” talks about helping the show’s stars get a second shot at their dream jobs, and reveals that surviving a plane crash that killed his brother inspired him to find a new purpose in his own life.

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>>> what if someone tapped you on the shoulder and surprised you with a chance to pursue your ultimate dream job ? that is the premise of a new reality show called "the moment" and it can be a bumpy ride as a man who wants to be a race car driver found out.

>> passing on the inside.

>> you can hear me? come on, kyle , you got to run his line.

>> i need to switch.

>> he's not listening to his crew chief . he thinks he's going to pass. it's not the time. two laps to go.

>> come on, kyle , take the low line .

>> he's up high, he's up high, whoa, whoa!

>> there he goes.

>> hang on, whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> careful what you wish for, in that dream job . charlie ebersol is executive producer of "the moment."

>> hey willie.

>> you say that's a definitive moment in the show, explain that.

>> this show is so much about moments we call it "the moment" but at the end of the day it's about whether or not you can put your pedal to the metal and go through what your dream is. in this case our guy who is late in his 40s and been told by everybody he's too old to do it but in his head he's 22, just decides to go all out and push through, and there are consequences to those decisions.

>> clearly. how does the show work exactly? the contestants are nominated by a friend, a family member. what happens from there?

>> so kurt warner , our host, the ultimate second chance man, he surprises them and invites them out to have an opportunity at their second chance, and they are introduced to a world class mentor so in this case, a two-time champion racer, and the dreamer is trained for two weeks to get ready for the ultimate job interview and they're put up in this case, they, kyle gets an opportunity to drive in front of richard childress for an opportunity to be the driver of their truck series car, and it's a brutal show because in some respects you are getting your shot, your second chance but it's a legitimate interview. if you don't do well you don't get offered the job and our contestants have found that it happens both ways.

>> not bad to have a super bowl mvp tap you on the shoulder and say how would you like a second chance?

>> not at all.

>> your dearth, dick ebersol is an icon in the television business, former head of nbc sports , you and your father and family suffered a great tragedy and this served as some inspiration.

>> i was in a plane crash eight and a half years ago with my father and we lost my little brother in the crash and when the plane crashed i was so angry, i wasn't scared or sad. i was just very angry that it was happening that i was going to lose out on the opportunity to do all these things that i loved that i wasn't doing. i was successful in business and yet i was doing things that didn't make me happy and so when the plane settled and i got my father off and i got off, the first thing my mom said was you can be sad, but not mad sad. have to make a purpose. you have to take control of your life, and so i sold my company. i gave up all the things that i had been doing and i started focusing only on the things i love and this show became kind of the penultimate example of that.

>> you and your family have done well from that moment forward. charlie, congratulations on the so.

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