TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

$149 cruise deal: Too good to be true?

It’s been a rough year for Carnival Cruise Lines, so when the company started offering a four-night Caribbean cruise for $149, many are wondering if it is the deal of the century or too good to be true. Nilou Motamed of Travel + Leisure shares details.

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>>> it's been a rough year for carnival cruise lines highlighted by february's disaster on the "triumph" that stranded thousands of passengers at sea for several days. now carnival is offering a four-night cruise to the caribbean for $149. neila motamed of "travel & leisure" magazine, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's $38 a night.

>> it is and not too good to be true. it is available if you can get the deal. they're very limited availability on this rate and it's important for cruisers to be aware of what they're going to get.

>> this is all about pr for carnival. they can't be making any money at $38 a night.

>> carnival's model they make their money when you're on the ship so this is not an unprecedented deal for carnival. they make a lot of their profits from when you buy alcohol on the ship or when you go on shore excursions with them, use their spa, their casino.

>> that's a good point. what's included in the price tag and most importantly what is not included?

>> what is included for $149 if you can get it, it's limited availability , is a room in the lowest class that's available, this is a room without a window.

>> interior room.

>> this say room with bunk beds or upper and lower berths as they're called. this is also a room where you get your accommodation and your food but not a lot else. you get your entertainment but if you add on --

>> i can still get to go to the all you can eat shrimp but day type thing?

>> you can. i'd like to see you there.

>> that's fine.

>> i think what's really important is when you're going to book this is keep in mind there's a requirement for a double occupancy so you have to book it with somebody else, there are taxes and fees, they'll add another $156.

>> do the math what does it adds up to?

>> a few hundred dollars more than that. if you want to go on shore excursions you have to pay for those.

>> still a pretty good deal.

>> no question there is a value.

>> royal caribbean has one about the same thing.

>> and norwegian also has one that's similar going to the bahamas. these deals are very limited supply but you can find them for this weekend or next weekend, if you're looking for deals, is a great website to go to, to find value cruises all around the world.

>> you also picked a deal on a new england tour on holland america .

>> i liked it because you get to experience new england and canada in seven days and a great, great value, about $58 a night.

>> by the time we've now talked about this carnival cruise deal is the availability gone do you think?

>> i went on yesterday and $169 is available, not $149, so if you are really looking for this kind of value and want to get away for a little sun and fun for a few days, this might be a great option.