TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow talks Botox and more celeb news

Entertainment, celeb, and fashion experts David Wilson of, Jennifer Peros of Us Weekly, and Rebekah George of chat about the latest news and trends, including Paltrow’s Botox admission and never-before-seen photos of Madonna.

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>>> let's turn to "what's new, what's up, what's in" our roundup of what's hot in entertainment and fashion and more. we have three people in the know, david wilson is executive editor of, welcome back. movies, let's start with movies, "42" opens this weekend. what have you heard?

>> it's getting a lot of great reviews, it's pretty much jackie robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball and played by chad boa, harrison ford plays the brooklyn dodgers executive who is a big advocate.

>> this is rated p grktg-13. i'm worried about the rating, is that because of language?

>> he uses the "n" word and this is a film back in the 40s so it's in historical context.

>> so it's not something that's used to tittilate. from one extreme to the other, lindsay lohan on the big screen , cheering or jeering?

>> a lot of people want to cheer or lindsay lohan . this is probably a good film for her, it's sort of light-hearted film, most of her scenes are with charlie sheen so we probably expect for her to make a little fun of herself but after this film and the promotion of the film is over she's going to go into rehab, let's hope she gets back on her feet.

>> "snl" vince vaughn is the host, i happened to run him into the building he's cool as a cucumber about this.

>> first time hosting since 1998 , that's 15 years so he's promoting the internship, teaming up with owen wilson again, people remember him from "the wedding crasher " and the musical guest on set is miguel, great artist.

>>> mtv music awards this weekend, sunday night hosted by rebel wilson . what should people know about her?

>> first no relation, but she's very funny and you can expect a lot of laughs. jamie foxx is winning the generation award, a lifetime achievement award . expect to see brad pitt , zac efron , will farrell .

>> and psy has new music as well. david always good to have you here. here's natalie.

>> thank you, matt. moving on to what's up, jennifer parros is a reporter for " us weekly ." good morning.

>> good morning.

>> baby news, ivanka trump expecting her second child.

>> congratulations to the happy couple expecting their second child sometime this fourth, the sixth grandchild for donald trump so we're happy for them. they announced it i believe on twitter.

>> seems like that's the way you go about breaking news.

>> seems like that's the way. fergie did it recently, so this is the way that celebrities are doing this, which is nice.

>> donald trump saying he's extremely happy for them.

>>> gwyneth paltrow opening up in "harper's bazaar" with candidate statements about aging.

>> absolutely. it's no secret that gwyneth paltrow is healthy, she watches everything that she eats but she's admitting she tried botox and gets laser treatments. look at her at 40 she looks gorgeous.

>> she hated botox because she thought it made her look like joan rivers .

>> which is probably something you should not say because joan rivers is going to start a long line of jokes towards gwyneth paltrow but good for her. it's rare. celebrities are admitting they got work done.

>>> another interesting exhibit showcasing never before seen photos of madonna going back to early years.

>> the '80s, the pictures are cool, going to be an exhibit here in new york city until may 12th , if you can't make it here to new york you can purchase these photos online at and it's cool.

>> you have to purchase them or you can view them online?

>> you can view them and buy them as well but it's cool to see madonna in this. madonna is probably one of the biggest pop culture icons we have. it's funny to see how celebrity has changed. back then these photos were so risque and now these celebrities are so much so much more skin.

>> goes back to the "desperately seeking susan" days.

>>> mtv canceled "buckwild" following the tragic death of cast member shain gandee.

>> sunday they'll show a marathon of "buckwild" and at night with the blessing of his parents they'll show some unseen footage they shot of shain in new york city a couple months ago so it's great. everyone will get to see him in the light that we fell in love with him.

>> thanks so much, jennifer parros thank you. here's tamron.

>> finally what's in, in the world of fashion, food and beauty. rejek da george is for style. shorts that are suits.

>> the short has gone formal because the suit is taking over so matching ensembles that you can pick up, this is from zara, forever 21 , as low as $ 1 or you can style it yourself.

>> they're shorts but reasonable length. they're not down to your knees. and the vest is back?

>> the sleeveless vest and the sleeveless blazer really on trend as we're still in a chilly phase, you can hear it with a longer sleeve or with a tank t will give your outfit an instant fit of edge.

>> i love summer leather. people don't think of leather for spring.

>> really doesn't go with spring but this year it does. lighter weight fabric and punchy colors and laser cut leather, very on trend.

>> neons, keep it bright and fun.

>> yes.

>> ecoclothing, cosmetics, hot thing.

>> april is earth month. make one thing green, do it with a range of cosmetics. h&m all recycled material.

>> i want that dress. florals are in for obvious reasons.

>> we are excited about florals, one thing, the bag and the shoe, this is keds, you can pick them up at madewell stores.

>> i love this for hair, short or long.

>> this year it's about the barretts and clips, stack them up.

>> i love this, very billy holiday . solids are hot.

>> solids and accessories, rings and necklace, you can wear them out.

>> and things to travel with super quick. the wet look for our eyes.

>> clear mascara, and you can add on a colored mascara, eggplant or blue.

>> also food sampling , we're out of time.

>> so good to taste.

>> thank you, coming up your