TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

Kmart’s cheeky ‘Ship My Pants’ video goes viral

A Kmart commercial for a new home delivery service that promises you can “ship your pants” is going viral. Can’t understand why? Say it out loud.

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>> we want to give you a word of caution, especially for parents who may have children in the room. the ad we're about to play you uses word play , significant word play to pitch a new service for free online shipping. now, this is only online right now. it will eventually be seen on television, so again with the warning in place, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, here it is.

>> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants you're kidding.

>> you can ship your pants right here.

>> did you hear that? i can ship my pants for free.

>> wow, i just may ship my pants.

>> billy you can ship your pants, too.

>> i can ship my pants and it's very convenient.

>> very convenient.

>> i can ship my drawers.

>> i can ship my nightie.

>> i just shipped by bed.

>> if you can't what you're looking for in the store we'll find it and ship it to you for free.

>> it's "p" in there. i saw it for the first time this morning and your first response is you want to be offended and the longer it goes, you start giggling.

>> the kids and the grandparents.

>> at the end the whole family we need a group hug .

>> in case you need explanation for what the service is all about, kmart as you heard is now allowing you to ship anything you can't find in the store for free.

>> but you can't ship yourself.

>> by the way the guys who created the psa, the draft scb did mine.

>> why don't we put this up on our website and ask you, do you think this is funny? there's natalie's pao. do you think the new ad for kmart and shipping is funny or does it cross a line. let us know what you think.

>> come on, i vote for funny.