TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Taco Bell promises healthier food by 2020

The TODAY anchors, joined by chef Giada De Laurentiis, chat about the topics making headlines today, including Taco Bell’s promise to add healthier items to their menu – but not until 2020.

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i'm willie geist along with natalie morales , tamron hall , and our good friend giada joining us for this morning's take three.

>> willie's take.

>> nothing.

>> first you have beer that just magically appears coming from the bottom of your cup in that chair. and now you're surrounded by three women. i'm saying, it's his lucky day .

>> it is. lou gehrig once said today i'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth. today, today, today, today, i, i, i --

>> no, no, no. you're supposed to say, ladies, thank you, but every day i'm lucky to wake up with my beautiful wife.

>> christina geist, there you go.

>> i got your back, girl.

>> good save, tamron. al is with us, as well, he's in los angeles on the set of "the voice" and that's where we begin with our first take in take three. al, the blind auditions are over, it's time to get serious.

>> that's right. it's the -- now the battle round.

>> right.

>> each of the judges, blake shelton , i'm in usher's chair. okay. there you go.

>> put your leg up.

>> spin that chair around, al.

>> does the button work?

>> i think i pulled something.

>> no, the button doesn't work. nothing happens, the magic is not here right now. and then, of course, you've got shakira and the far chair is adam levine . they've got all the teams, you've got 24 battle rounds over the next couple of days. and so they're going to be whittle this down. but a lot of folks very, very excited about this. they think this group of judges -- not to take anything away from christina and cee lo -- but this group has gelled. it's the number one singing competition going right now. it's really magic.

>> i love it. i love this show. and i think this season is why they have guest mentors including sheryl crow , joel madden , as well, shakira .

>> and it's interesting.

>> joel madden is a coach on the australian version of "the voice."

>> wow. and as big of stars as they were, there's no dropoff here. they were great, but to bring in shakira and usher.

>> their fans are loyal to them, as well. and what shakira brings, i love it.

>> she's great.

>> all right, al.

>> in fact, guys, i'm going to be talking with the judges tonight. we'll see that next week. but we're talking with the judges about the battle rounds and what we see going forward. and then we move into the live shows in a couple of weeks. it's going to be exciting.

>> all right. cool, al, have fun out there.

>> have fun.

>> give our best to the judges. we'll talk to you later .

>>> our take two this morning, we're talking a little food. they're trying, kind of, to make fast food a little healthier. taco bell promising better nutrition by the year 2020 .

>> by then --

>> 2020 ?

>> yeah.

>> we're not going to wait forever.

>> you think that people go to get fast food to be healthy?

>> exactly, thank you.

>> you don't do it all the time, but when you go --

>> don't do it all the time.

>> i went through my phase of taco bell , bean burrito and at mcdonald 's, i get a number two, no onions and a root beer . in moderation.

>> that's the whole point.

>> that's the whole point. you get to indulge in moderation.

>> but it is good to have some different alternatives, particularly for moms when your kids want to get the chicken nuggets . it's nice to be able to get a salad and maybe once in a while get the kid a salad. you go to taco bell at 2:00 a.m ., i'm not playing games, i don't want a salad, i might be a youtube video .

>> hit me with that cool ranch dr dorito thing. they're going to fix the menu to meet at least 1/3 of the dietary guidelines . the spokesperson said they've reduced sodium levels about 20% over the last few years. so, you know, they're trying. but i tend to agree on this. if you roll up into one of those places, you're not there for a salad.

>> some of these other places, they do brown rice now, you can get the burritos in a bowl.

>> known for a little bit --

>> yeah.

>> they know that's the competition now because chipotle's are everywhere.

>> yeah.

>> and the marketplace, that's what it's all about.

>> does giada ever hit up a burger king or mcdonald 's? come on.

>> what's your order? what number?

>> burgers at burger king , fries at mcdonald 's.

>> nice.

>> you are correct.

>> i'm correct.

>> yeah. okay.

>> let's go to our take three now. $40 million surprise. a woman in canada thought she had won originally $40,000. she saw the numbers come out, runs in --

>> so excited based on $40,000.

>> she tells her family, we're $40,000 richer, we got this, we can move up in the world.

>> and her daughter says --

>> her daughter goes online and checks the numbers and says you need to add a few zeros to that, you just won $40 million.

>> did she just collapse?

>> here she is. check this out.

>> i was like this, shaky, and i said, oh, my god! oh, my god! thank you, lord! thank you, lord! i love you. so i run down the street like a crazy woman . and check the lottery ticket . and it said $40 million. and then i go, oh, my god. and i ran back up the street, home and i go, i need a glass of water.

>> how great.

>> i love her expression.

>> and she won in ontario, canada , there's no tax on lottery winning in canada .

>> that's the best part of the story.

>> when you win $40 million, you win $40 million.

>> it's not $20 million.

>> why play the lottery here? you need friends in canada .

>> or go to the --

>> taco bell , road trip , lottery tickets in canada .

>> i'm in.

>> great.

>> assuming you can win.

>> it's a nice story, as well, this is a family that was struggling a little bit.

>> i love her happy dance.

>> she should be on " dancing with the stars ."

>> right.

>> i like her a lot.

>> she can do whatever she wants. congratulations to her. giada , you've got a new psa out.

>> yes.

>> for stand up to cancer .

>> yes.

>> and this is personal for you.

>> yes, for the melanoma awareness foundation. i lost my brother at the age of 31. and all i want to say is this is not a downer psa. all i want to say is if caught early, it is curable, 92% curable. there's only a couple things to keep in mind. you know, you've got to wear sunscreen rain or shine , and i always say get to know your body. like get to know your body. my brother was one of those guys that didn't look in the mirror that much and he didn't notice the mole on his back. and just get -- and if you see something suspicious, go to the doctor. because it is -- it is something that you can bounce back from. so it's not a death sentence as long as you get it early.

>> and check everywhere. check everywhere. a lot of people don't think behind the ears.

>> i get checked every three months. you can get checked once a year if you have no family risk. or every six months. but just go and just make sure you protect yourself.

>> african-american women, the fastest growing group with skin cancer and people think because you have dark skin you are safe.

>> it's not --

>> that's not true. it's a message for everyone.

>> and obviously i did this because still to this day, one person every minute dies of melanoma in this country. to me, we're still not aware of how much the sun can damage. i love a tan just like everybody else. but you know, there's so many great creams out there. you can even do a spray tan . don't go to tanning beds , they have the same problem.

>> thank you for doing what you're doing.

>> the truth is, a lot of us grew up in a time before this sunscreen. and now with our kids, we lather them up.

>> my poor daughter is all white all the time.

>> same with us. good for you and thank you.

>>> as if my morning couldn't get any better, natalie pointed out, i got to sit in a recliner and get a beer that fills up from the bottom.

>> poor you.

>> it comes right to you.

>> you don't even have to move.

>> wow, you look comfortable.

>> right?

>> they were yelling at me to chug the beer.

>> so we go from beer --

>> a decade too late for that.

>> to donuts.

>> to donuts. this apparently is the trend. cupcakes over the last several years have become the thing. now donuts are popping up on restaurant menus, 100% on restaurant menus. these are fancy style donuts. one's called dough in brooklyn is one of the spots and the general here in new york.

>> me and chocolate. this is passion fruit and dough. this one comes with cereal on top. if you couldn't make up your mind.

>> fruity pebbles.

>> it makes it look nice.

>> passion fruit is delicious.

>> these are from the general.

>> there's a cream filling in mine.

>> there is?

>> pretty good.

>> my favorite part is the glaze on top.

>> my favorite part is --

>> then i put the rest back.

>> combines two healthy breakfast treats, sugar, cereal and donuts.

>> thank you.