TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Former ‘Voice’ finalist offers advice for battle rounds

Vicci Martinez, who came in third during the first season of “The Voice,” says there is “no mercy” when it comes to the battle rounds. She offers advice to the current contestants and talks about how her life has changed since she was on the show.

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>> on the set of "the voice." and you recognize this young lady , vicky martinez, a finalist in season one, she's gone on to have a terrific career. her current single "come along" with her voice coach cee lo green in the top 20 . you said earlier, when you did the battle rounds, there was blood on the floor. it was brutal.

>> no mercy. no, i'm kidding.

>> what advice would you give to some of the teams that are going to be battling here later today?

>> you know, we -- my battle partner, we got great reviews because we really kind of just came on the stage and decided we were going to do a duet and make the song sound great. and so it was really hard for cee lo at the end of it to decide who he wanted to pick.

>> how did this change your life?

>> oh, man, well, i'm here with you. it's just been such a great platform, you know, to get signed and, you know, to be releasing the video being in the top 20 . i never -- it's something i wished for and never thought that, you know, it would happen this quickly. but i'm glad it did.

>> vicky martinez, you're going to be watching those battle rounds coming up monday and tuesday of next week. congratulations on the success.