TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

5 quirky cleaning tips you probably didn’t know

Rebecca Dolgin from explains when you should throw out and replace eye makeup and kitchen sponges, and shares some unusual ways to clean cutting boards, irons and cellphones.

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>>> this is the only time of the year when we actually throw some things away and organize our living spaces.

>> instead of dreading all that spring cleaning we're going to show you how to make it easy and fun. rebecca dolgen is editor in chief of "the nest."

>> let's start throwing things away, shall we?

>> here's a concept.

>> your toothbrush. don't wait to go to your dentist appointment to get that new toothbrush. every two to three months.

>> four months.

>> is okay. but really by three months.

>> because of bacteria?

>> a million bacteria. nobody wants to be the first to put that in their mouth.

>> and what if you dip it in listerine.

>> that could get it going for a little while longer.

>> old makeup. a lot of us can't even remember the last time we bought eyeliner or mascara. but really every four to six months you should be changing this. even though it's not gone yet.

>> that can cause con jungt conjunctiveitis.

>>> everyone knows you can throw it in your dishwasher, but after about four weeks, you need to get rid of it.

>> we all know this is gross, but it actually will stop working after a year because the bristles sort of deteriorate a little bit. after one year.

>> or fewer.

>> now, pillows.

>> this is so often forgotten. but really you have to replace your pillows every two years.

>> even if your pillow covers are on them.

>> why?

>> you want to know why?

>> it's going to gross you out?

>> not bed bugs . but dust mites and their droppings.

>> after two years, one third of the weight of your pillows is from durst mites.

>> what?

>> droppings?

>> i know.

>> this one looks really old, too. don't touch it.

>> now we're going to move to cleaning. these are fun things that you have at home. so everyone after they kind of say they're chopping up herbs or whatever you have here for your board here. put a limben on it and it will just clear that right off.

>> it's an anti-bacterial. it's really great. you know how your iran can gel a lit bit funky?

>> that's one of the few chores i like to do, i like to iron.

>> what did you put on there?

>> salt on a piece of paper.

>> take a look at how gunky it is. you just -- put this on here.

>> what are you doing?

>> like that. what's it going to do. the gunk is supposed to come off.

>> make sure you get it.

>> it's starting to wear off.

>> exactly.

>> cleaning up.

>> copper pots, basically you want to use ketchup, it will have little bit of a reaction.

>> acidity?

>> yes.

>> i have a frame over here, too.

>> come on.

>> see, how fantastic is that?

>> you can see it starting to bubble a little bit.

>> what is it doing to our stomachs.

>> exactly. you don't want to know.

>> same drill here.

>> yes.

>> take us to the keyboard. basically a lot of people use napkins or whatever to clean off their keyboard. you want to use a coffee filter . they have no wood particles. and it's not going to scratch. sometimes you feel like you're moving dust around. this actually gets it up.

>> ten seconds.

>> use an eraser to get the smudges off.

>> the makeup off your phone.

>> tomorrow, how to drop ten