TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

How to fix a noisy bathroom fan

Lou Manfredini, host of “House Smarts,” shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how you can fix a loud bathroom fan, the best way to paint cabinets to match granite in your kitchen, and an easy way to improve water pressure in the shower.

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>>> time for another installment of ask lou , where you submit your home questions for easy solutions to your household problems.

>> "today" contributor lou manfredini host of the show house smart. our first question comes from valer valerie. her question is, do not want to buy new cabinets, how do you paint cabinets to match our granite countertops.

>> matching your granite is tough. but you can complement your granite by bringing it back to life. this is a kit by rustoleum, called cabinet transformation. 200 square feet for about $150. you use a deglosser, this is the old cabinet door right here. you spray a little deglosser. you take the gloss off of the cabinets themselves and you wipe it away. now you wipe that away. the base --

>> kind of like a matte finish .

>> now you put a base coat on that you paint that comes with the kit.

>> so it will adhere.

>> then. yes, the final coating is what you get as the glaze over the top .

>> would you need two coats or just one?

>> just one. 30 different colors, you can literally transform your cabinets.

>> here's christine's question. when we lift the plunger on top of the bathtub faucet to direct the water to the showerhead, only some of the water is directed to the showerhead and the rest of the water is still coming out of the faucet.

>> this action on the tub spout there's a little valve that's leaking. you can't replace that but you can replace the spout. these spouts either unscrew, literally, righty-tighty, lefty-loosy. or on the bottom of the spout is a notch where you can take the screwdriver and you loosen the fitting. when you pull the spout out, this little copper pipe is hanging out here like this. you buy the new spout. you slide the new spout back on. tighten this. and there you go. now she's going to have plenty of power in her shower.

>> here's for andrea. i rent and our bathroom fan has always sounded louder than a plane taking off, how can i fix it?

>> because you rent, you take the cover off of the bath fan. kathie lee , unplug that for me, if i can.

>> this whole motor assembly comes out of the fan. at the hardware store you can buy a new motor for $20. you need a special screwdriver. this is called a torque screwdriver, it has a little bit different tip than normal screwdrivers. there are two little torque screws that you loosen. replace the motor. put it back in.

>> ky do that.

>> look, lou , i fixed that.

>> suzy wants to know, she would like to install her own window blinds in her apartment bus she's intimidated.

>> this is awesome. simple fit custom shades by ready-shade. you order these online. you measure --

>> they have lots of sizes?

>> any size you want. many different colors and sizes. cellular window shades .

>> okay.

>> very nice. no tools needed.

>> what?

>> here we go.

>> watch me, there's an adhesive tape that you put inside. you put it up in place, carefully. and --

>> oh my gosh! it's amiracle.

>> we love our lou .

>> only lou knows how to do stuff like that.

>> and they're affordable.

>> that is extraordinary.

>> that makes my day.

>> of course it did.