TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Weekend Chatter: Movies, TV, celebrity news

E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on the weekend’s movie openings, including “Jurassic Park 3D” and the fifth “Scary Movie.” He also suggests that country fans check out Rebel Wilson hosting the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

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>>> all right. we are back with more of today's thirst-day thursday, we ran out of chatter, we ran out of time in the opening to talk to you about "kinky boots." we had a good time at the show, the audience was eating it up.

>> look what's happening here. the two male drag queens stars.

>> it's a lot of fun and --

>> harvey firestein wrote the book and cyndi lauper did the score.

>> it was a terrific book.

>> and jason kennedy is here with the celebrity scoop for tv and movies. you just flew in?

>> i'm running on about two hours of sleep. if i say something that's weird, let's go right past it.

>> we love you, anyway.

>> let's go with the movies, where should we go this weekend?

>> how about " scary movie 17" -- just kidding. it's actually " scary movie 5 " it's charlie sheen and lindsay lohan . they'll be at the premiere tonight in los angeles . if that's not your speed, how about "42." about jackie robinson .

>> i saw one review, five stars for this.

>> i've heard nothing but great reviews. or if you're feeling nostalgic " jurassic park 3 -d" is in theaters.

>> it didn't do as well as we thought it would.

>> what if you want to cozy up and home at watch a movie.

>> i wasn't impressed with the movies that came out on dvd this week. so let me suggest seeing some movies that were nominated for an oscar, " les mis " is out right now, "lincoln" is out right now and "zero dark thirty." and mtv movie awards is going down this weekend, rebel wilson , who was in bridesmaids. brad pitt is going to be there, kim kardashian , brad pitt at the mtv awards ? it will be great.

>> and the battle teams on "the voice."

>> next week two players from the each team will go head to head and it will be up to the coaches to see who moves on.

>> you've got to choose between your babies.

>> what do you think of the combo of the hosts together?

>> i like it. it's a new breed of people. it's a good change, in my opinion. i really, really honestly enjoy the show this year.

>> now ryan seacrest , your pal, had an issue with one of those s.w.a.t. rolls that went up to his house.

>> let's not give them the information, never mind.

>> the more we talk about this, the more people are doing it, in my opinion. there was a report that the people are men, we're going into his home yesterday. there was a security guard there, the police got there. security guard was like hey, everything is fine and the police contacted ryan and he said that everything was fine. a laundry list of stars , this keeps happening to. last week alone it happened to justin timberlake and selena gomez .

>> they have to raise the penalty.

>> have they ever caught anybody yet doing this stuff?

>> i think they realized it was a kid. there was a 12-year-old kid that got charged one time. it's not fun, kids, don't do it, it's not funny.

>> they should have to pay back every dime -- l.a. doesn't have the kind of money to be paying their s.w.a.t. teams.

>> let's talk about a new song, psy.

>> 1.5 views on youtube, how the heck -- billion, i should say, views on youtube. it's called "gentleman" his new single, it drops this friday and there's going to be a dance with it and he's performing it this weekend.

>> do you know anything about it?

>> they're keeping it very undercover. low key . but there will be a new dance. so we can practice it. when i come next time --