TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Poor Hoda! Facebook fans scold her for regifting

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about how some viewers have taken umbrage at Hoda giving her niece’s Dr. Seuss book to Jenna Bush Hager for her baby shower.

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb . live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody, we're so happy you're with us today, yes, it is thirst-day thursday, april 11th , it's time for hoda's --

>> what?

>> i-hoda, i'll make you wait for it. it's going to be a great song that you're going to want to put on your tape deck , your cassette player.

>> my tape deck , very funny.

>> your 8-track.

>> jerry, enough out of you.

>> there will be good music. we have four adorable swedish guys here.

>> so yesterday in "people" magazine --

>> yeah.

>> jenna bush hager had a baby shower . there were pictures and stuff.

>> not enough.

>> it was nice and everybody was asked to bring a children's book.

>> do bring to the new mother who doesn't have any for her new child.

>> that's what savannah did and natalie sang something and i brought one. meredith brought one and mine apparently rankled some people's feathers, whatever you call it. ruffled feathers. that book was in my apartment, which i confess, and it belonged to my niece and i had enough time to go find my favorite book. she didn't care.

>> well fans have taken umbrage and you know what happens when they have? one writer, hoda is just a disorganized mess. new york city must be shops open 24/7. you can pop in and buy a book.

>> who is that? what's her name?

>> pat nichol.

>> exactly, pat nichol.

>> and barbara lion gifford said -- no relation.

>> really?

>> said that is not gifting, that's stealing and not nice.

>> this is ridiculous.

>> there was one person who was okay with it and it wasn't your mother . one writer said thinks it was a brilliant idea especially in this economy, as long as the item was in good condition, which who knows, what's the problem? there are bigger fish to fry.

>> i have a question -- really? like i just took the book that was left -- i didn't want to come with no book, which was the other option.

>> hannah was fine with it. she didn't even know i had it.

>> it was signed to her, probably. so now baby hager, dear hannah is going to get a book that says dear hannah , you've got to think things through.

>> she loved my book. that's all i'm saying. here's the question, are they or aren't they. there's a rumor mill involving p. diddy and kate upton, and are they a couple. there are reports they were caught locking lips.

>> the "daily news" likes to call it sucking face.

>> sucking face and they a name for the two of them together which is clever --

>> diddy-up.

>> there were records they were ka noodling in miami. each of those deny that this happened. they say they don't even know each other. now who gets the picture of them actually together. it will be worth a fortune.

>> there's a 20-something age gap between those two.

>> she's 22 and he's 46.

>> i have no problem with that i'm not one to judge on that. i always say, only 20? i don't really care, do you, do you care?

>> i kind of care.

>> why because i like new couples, i like the new couples.

>> you know what happens?

>> they break up?

>> yes.

>> all right. so here we have good news, it's a great kind of fun -- this happened on the plaza, there was a girl out on the plaza, a senior at pepperdine, her name is shania coley.

>> is it shayna ?

>> shayna .

>> why don't you continue since you know everything.

>> it says shayna .

>> a little, oh, oh, still upset about the book and taking it out on me, go ahead.

>> so shayna -- shania, from here on out, she was out on the plaza and she really wanted to go with joe jonas to her prom. so she made a video that was kind of cool and that was at basically asking him to come to the prom. so what happened was, she's out on the plaza, and there's some weird-looking guy with a mustache and --

>> who also needed a date for something, right?

>> it turned out he was joe jonas , take it off! it was a big surprise.

>> she seemed to be able to tell because it was bad makeup. i like this girl's attitude. she was very clever. she was real, she was natural, she was adorable. but do they have proms in college?

>> i don't know. i guess they have something like it, maybe. sorority formal.

>> this is nbc news, we should have a little bit more respect. if it's not a prom, let's not call it that, people.

>> let's call it a sorority formal. another love story . this one is debatable.

>> the woman videotaping us, take it home to sweden. what are they going to think of this.

>> a bride and groom are planning to get married next month. the groom decided he was going to pull a fast one.

>> i'll the details on the story are bothering me.

>> i'm just having a little fun.

>> when were they supposed to get married.

>> she said october.

>> they were supposed to get married in october. as opposed to -- it's november?

>> somebody told me, i knew it wasn't next month.

>> we're getting lost in the sauce. there's a big story here. they were supposed to get married later and what happened was, the groom decided he wanted to speed the process up a little bit. so he went to her mother and said -- let's go ahead and plan a quick wedding. so and so he asked his bride-to-be to dress up in her wedding dress , to take pictures, which i guess people are doing more and more, and she had no idea, she thought she was going in for photos, instead, the whole wedding happened right there. he had everything planned.

>> interesting that they have all their stuff so many months before the event was actually supposed to happen.

>> when was it supposed to happen?

>> sometime between october and november. but i never heard of that before.

>> you know what happens --

>> it used to be that the man couldn't wait to see his beautiful bride in her wedding gown walking down the aisle, they always kept it a secret. in today's world so few people are old-fashioned enough to wait for their wedding day for pretty much everything. so i think it's very funny, that now they still make it sometimes about seeing your bride come down the aisle in a wedding dress .

>> they've seen each other naked for four years, it's like oh my gosh, they're wearing clothes. it seems strange to me. but they're a lovely couple. they came up to see us.

>> she loved the idea, i would think if someone planned my wedding -- i don't know that i would be so crazy about that.

>> you know the happiest people in the world usually i think, and who usually have the best wedding nights of their existence?

>> who?

>> people who elope. because they're not exhausted. they've just gone off, none of the pressure, they've not gone off to please their mother or their father or their aunt or grandmaxt they'll just be there to with each other and no angst.

>> and there's no romance on wedding nights, i don't think. you're tired, you're dancing, it's over. go to bed. go to bed.

>> let's go back to the beginning when people start dating, just to renew our faith in human nature . oxygen media has, they have a dating poll.

>> what was it? was it tuesday night? that they called to, it was tuesday, i think it came out, called find me my man.

>> there's some interesting finds in this poll. and here they are. 32% of men are willing to overlook a woman's cue her --

>> mustache. so if women have mustaches, men are fine with it. i guess they think you have a good sense of humor.

>> just under half of the men polled find glasses sexy.

>> again, keep it on.

>> cue it up.

>> look at the swedes, looking at me.

>> one in tem women are okay, this is a weird one, one in ten women are okay with dating a smelly guy. that would be a deal-breaker, you can't have that.

>> this is another deal-breaker.

>> what?

>> you say it.

>> no.

>> mont men bring protection on a first date just in case.

>> 60% of all guys think it's okay to date friends of exs and ex's of friends.

>> i think it's very complicated.

>> it's terrible. has a friend of yours ever dated someone you dated?

>> i'm trying to think, married a few, but dated, i can't remember. no, i do have one of those situations going on right now with some friends and it's awkward. very awkward and very tough. a third of the guys say they've lied to snag a lady online.

>> and more than a third, this is probably the most prevalent one, admit to faking an emergency to end a date early. it's a -- gotta go. out of door, boom, gone.

>> i think, tammy --

>> was it joanne?

>> what?

>> one of the two of those women said --

>> it was you, tammy.

>> she stood up a guy --

>> oh, no.

>> it was amanda.

>> it wasn't amanda.

>> trying to mix it up a little.

>> she stood up a guy. his big, big night .

>> it was a fraternity formal.

>> not a prom like we said.

>> was it in october or november.

>> stop it!

>> is it okay or not okay -- to flirt on twitter? and we said --

>> flirting is such a subjective thing, hoda, it's hard to tell tone when you're looking at words. the best flirting is always face to face .

>> the way you like it.

>> yes.

>> yes, it's okay, as long as you're okay with everyone and your mother watching you in action.

>> even your mother ? even your mother .

>> oy.

>> we had half an hour. we had so much fun with that.

>> here's my song, my i-hoda playlist, a mix between country and rap, i like that little combo. it's cruise, a remix by florida and georgia line and nelly. listen to the two of them together.

>> he says baby you're a song.

>> i like it when rap and country blend. nelly has done that before.