TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Birthday girl gets surprised with makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over two plaza visitors: a woman who’s celebrating her birthday this weekend, and a mother who hasn’t worn heels in 20 years!

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>>> from our crowd are surrounded for a big surprise.

>> working their magic is our makeup team, louis liccari -- say it with meaning and feeling -- louis liccari la, la, la, la, la

>> and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author, jill martin.

>> we found two great-looking girls who didn't have a clue how pretty they were.

>> let's start with terry slocum. she lost 90 pounds and so she's so excited. she wanted the opportunity for a brand-new look for her brand-new body. let's take a listen to her story.

>> you lost 90 pounds?

>> yes.

>> just amazing. so how do you think this makeover will help you?

>> i don't really know what kind of clothes to buy. and i've been wanting to get something done with my hair that looks younger.

>> what a perfect fit , we can help you with that and i know you're so excited for your mom.

>> i'm so happy for her.

>> tell me why.

>> she just really doesn't know what to do and i think she has the potential to be really beautiful and she already is.

>> so nice to hear, right?

>> yes.

>> here we go.

>> oh, we like julie anna. keep your blindfold on, please, until i give you the green light to take it off. here is teri before. all right. teri , let's see the new you.

>> all right. are you ready? all right, take off your blindfold!

>> are you my mom? you look beautiful.

>> turn around and look in the mirror.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> it's the new you, girl.

>> wow.

>> why don't you spin right around here, sweetie, tell us about the hair.

>> teri , just lost 90 pounds, ready for a complete new look. we gave her this grate little shag that make her fine hair look a little bit thicker. played with the bangs for an accent area. i warmed up her hair color . and look how pretty.

>> and the makeup makes her eyes pop.

>> what do you think of her?

>> i don't recognize her.

>> jill , the dress is perfect for her.

>> she hadn't worn a dress in 20 years.

>> or heels.

>> so this is from london times , a wrap dress , she wants to lose 30 more pounds, this will adjust and look how pretty it is for spring.

>> you look great.

>> speaking of her heels, we forgot to talk about kinky boots , we'll do it later.

>> a big round of applause for teri . you can follow her that way.

>> think of her not wearing heels for 20 years.

>> the second lady is laura thacker. 28 from new york, new york. she told us she only wears makeup on special occasions, she was thrilled to get a glam new style. let's hear her story.

>> we were just talking, you're a little freaked out right now.

>> a little bit. i was not expecting this when i woke up this morning to come to the today show.

>> let's regroup here. what do you think of this and ha are you looking for?

>> i mean this is pretty awesome. my birthday is on sunday. so this is kind of -- great timing. kind of get a new look. and you know, ring in the last year of my 20s in style.

>> turning 30, my birthday is on sunday, so happy birthday .

>> april 14th ?

>> april 14th .

>> this is a big celebration. here we go.

>> happy birthday to you, too, jill .

>> she's here with her friends sarah and emily. one last look at laura before. and the brand-new laura packer.

>> wow! all right. girls, take off the blindfolds.

>> you look hot!

>> you want to see for yourself?

>> turn and. i love that hair.

>> the hair angled like that is fantastic.

>> turn around, sweetie.

>> go, girl.

>> she had the most perfect hair for this simple graduated bob haircut . because it's sleek, shiny. you were made for this haircut. it's beautiful, sexy, terrific. and the makeup palette which is new spring colors, very soft.

>> i'll never miss the goth look, ever. i like the soft, pretty natural look so much.

>> that dress is so pretty.

>> birthday for spring, from maggie london. and the bay shoes.

>> teri , come on out.