TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Chic and affordable spring wardrobe updates

If you’re looking for a way to take your spring wardrobe from drab to fab this season but don’t have a lot of money to spend, style expert Jenn Falik is here to help, showing off stylish clothing choices for under $100.

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>>> this morning on "today's style" taking your spring wardrobe from boring to brilliant without spending a lot of money. beauty and style expert jen falic is going to show us how to do it. time to shed the winter clothes , right? change out the closets and you can do it without spending a lot of money.

>> or effort. these are all simple style updates, one or two pieces that can transform your look.

>> let's start with the pastels. this is a hot trend it seems this season. let's start off with taking a look at how danielle is dressed here. from head to toe .

>> and it works.

>> we started out with this blazer, very versatile, light peach. it's $98, so under $100. super well tailored, which i think is important with pastels. and then we layered it with a light purple scarf, the shoes, the whole deal. i love how it all looks together. the shirt's from burlington, it's bright. you have to have a little edge so you don't look like a cupcake, with the gray it anchors it.

>> i love how the shoes pick up on what's going on up at the top, as well.

>> i love that.

>> with accessories, you can do it. adding lull pops here and there, right?

>> little pops. at the beach, if you're wearing a black cover-up, these crocs flip-flops, lilac is great or the bag. it can be touches, doesn't have to be head to toe .

>> the other trend of the season we're seeing is the low-stacked heel now.

>> these are comfortable.

>> these are comfortable. these are from aerosoles, super stylish, what i love about this is it lifts your whole look. we've got the canvas lands end jeans here, nice pant with a modern floral. if she were wearing ballet flats, it would be one sort of look, but with a heel, it elevates it and the fact they're comfortable, she can wear them all day. i love this.

>> these are great.

>> this is easy to wear, run around but you look like you made an effort.

>> thank you so much. let's move on over here. and let's talk about the big, bright bold lip as we see right here on our model.

>> such an easy update. and moon always wears a nude gloss, something simple. so this is a laura geller called wild orchid . it's bold.

>> she looks great.

>> totally brings her face to life. and when you do a lip like this, you can amp up your style. a lot of people think you have to be subtle with fashion, i think it's the other way around. this way we've got the sequin jacket from h & m .

>> sure.

>> pastel shoes, all the colors together play up the face.

>> and here you see all the different colors you're talking about. it used to be all about the bright red lip. is pink the new red?

>> pink is the new red because it goes better with the colors we're seeing especially black and white . pink looks more modern than a classic red. and these are options.

>> and the last but not least, the little white tux look. this is the idea of taking that little black dress up a notch. right?

>> the little black dress . we own it, love it, update it with a white jacket . catherine has her favorite little black dress on, a little white jacket over it and play up the sort of masculine feminine. a necklace from charming charlie, $18, anything black and white can sort of work.

>> right.

>> accessories, as well?

>> accessories and we get a pink bag here to liven up the look and show the feminine side . go black and white , take your black dress you've worn a million times.

>> or in this case, you have a black jumper, which a lot of people wouldn't think would be dressy, it dresses up the whole outfit.

>> and you have the play on the bow tie . i love that. i think it's jewelry. when it indicates something masculine but is girly, it completes the look.

>> great stuff as always. ladies,