TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Al visits the set of ‘The Voice’

TODAY’s Al Roker pays a visit to the set of NBC’s hit show “The Voice,” and chats with Willie and the gang about the singing competition’s battle rounds, which the next step toward stardom for the contestants.

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>> with us, as well, he's in los angeles on the set of "the voice" and that's where we begin with our first take in take three. al, the blind auditions are over, it's time to get serious.

>> that's right. it's the -- now the battle round.

>> right.

>> each of the judges, blake shelton , i'm in usher's chair. okay. there you go.

>> put your leg up.

>> spin that chair around, al.

>> does the button work?

>> i think i pulled something.

>> no, the button doesn't work. nothing happens, the magic is not here right now. and then, of course, you've got shakira and the far chair is adam levine . they've got all the teams, you've got 24 battle rounds over the next couple of days. and so they're going to be whittle this down. but a lot of folks very, very excited about this. they think this group of judges -- not to take anything away from christina and cee lo -- but this group has gelled. it's the number one singing competition going right now. it's really magic.

>> i love it. i love this show. and i think this season is why they have guest mentors including sheryl crow , joel madden , as well, shakira .

>> and it's interesting.

>> joel madden is a coach on the australian version of "the voice."

>> wow. and as big of stars as they were, there's no dropoff here. they were great, but to bring in shakira and usher.

>> their fans are loyal to them, as well. and what shakira brings, i love it.

>> she's great.

>> all right, al.

>> in fact, guys, i'm going to be talking with the judges tonight. we'll see that next week. but we're talking with the judges about the battle rounds and what we see going forward. and then we move into the live shows in a couple of weeks. it's going to be exciting.

>> all right. cool, al, have fun out there.

>> have fun.

>> give our best to the judges. we'll talk to you