TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

8 morning shortcuts to save you time

Getting ready in the morning can be stressful, especially when you’re short on time. E!’s Jason Kennedy reveals eight morning timesavers, including a quick way to make oatmeal and eyeliner templates for faster makeup application.

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>>> new series. we partnered with a social news site to bring you some of their famous offbeat lists about the world we live in. today, eight morning shortcuts to save you time. e!'s jason kennedy is here. good morning.

>> let's power through.

>> we start with the corner closet. $30 at the hardware store, 15 minutes , although this took me three hours to build.

>> i was going to say.

>> but lay your outfits out, monday through friday, put your shoes underneath it, you're going to save a lot of time.

>> i love that. that's perfect.

>> you say you can use that coffee maker .

>> yeah, the keurig. i'm not a coffee guy, but you put the oatmeal right here. my mom's going to be so proud of me.

>> don't put a keurig cup --

>> don't put a cup in here, just press it down.

>> water.

>> hit the water button and that will shoot out. of course, you know, when you're live it never works, but this is the finished product.

>> next on the list.

>> an overnight mask. of course your face needs hydration and it loses a lot of that hydration overnight. put an overnight mask on, it'll help you through the evening and next day. don't be afraid of the overnight mask. people make fun, but you're going to get the last laugh later in life.

>> you first.

>> jason, i use one of these, but not for the reason that was on the list.

>> this is going to eliminate the hair frizz, also the sleep lines on your face. beauty experts and cosmetic surgeons swear by this.

>> there it is. getting make-up all over it. but this is very good for you. it's going to help you out.

>> if you want to save time making your smoothie in the morning, might want to think about freezing the fruit first in ice cream ?

>> yeah, if you make a fruit bowl and have a little too much fruit, simply put it in here like so. we have a loose blueberry.

>> a fruit salad .

>> just give it a little boom, boom, boom. after you do that, pour it into the ice trays right here. and you put it on a cooking sheet or zip lock bag. and put it back in the blender, mix it with water or milk and perfect.

>> sweet, i love you. now muffins. how do they speed up my morning?

>> you've got your protein in here, your veggies, you can put some all types of stuff. ham and that type of thing. make 12, that's probably my recommendation on a monday. and then you pop them in the microwave for 1 to 2 inches. and, you know, you have your good hearty protein.

>> that is a good idea.

>> now, if you want a cat eye when it comes to putting eye liner on.

>> willie and i talked about this while we're drinking beers.

>> it can be hard to be precise.

>> this is our eyeliner template.

>> a business card .

>> take a business card and i'll help you do it.

>> you're going to do it for me.

>> i'll help you, tamron.

>> you're going to measure where your eye --

>> you do a little shading and cutting. and this is the finished product. you put one there, tamron here.

>> i look in the thing?

>> hold it up. i'll hold the mirror.

>> no one's ever done this, have they?

>> all of those tips are phenomenal. i love all of the others.

>> jason kennedy , thanks, man. head to for the full list of morning shortcuts from buzz feed plus more tips sent in by "today" viewers.