TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Fake Rockefeller convicted of murder

A jury took only six hours to decide that a man once known as Clark Rockefeller, who is actually German national Christian Karl Gerhardstreiter, is guilty of murdering his landlady’s son nearly three decades ago. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> a new twist in the case of the man known as clark rockefeller . on wednesday, a los angeles jury decided he was not just a con man but a murderer. nbc's mike taibbi has much more for us.

>> clark rockefeller was a big national story in 2008 when he kidnapped his little daughter after his life of deceit and multiple false identities was exposed. but a jury decided quickly that christian was much more and much worse than a chameleon in search of other people's money.

>> reporter: after a three-week trial, the 52-year-old listened as the jury read the verdict.

>> we find the defendant guilty of the crime of murder in the first-degree.

>> the 27-year-old son of his land lady when the con man lived in san minuarino, california disappeared in january of 1985 . passing himself off as british royalty disappeared himself soon afterward. he crisscrossed the country and tried out one new identity after the other until, as clark rockefeller , sign of that famous family convinced an investment consultant to marry him and to hand over control of her finances too. but the couple had a daughter, nicknamed snooks and when she figured out her husband was a fraud and divorced him, he kidnapped snooks only to be caught and convicted of that crime. he was connected to the remains of john sohas. he told natalie during the kidnapping case he was not a murderer.

>> i believe in nonviolence. and i can fairly certainly say i've never hurt anyone.

>> reporter: the jury in this case believed otherwise for one reason.

>> they didn't like him at all. they hated him. and they were laughing at him openly.

>> and it was basically a circumstantial case. the jury convicted him of first-degree murder, not a death sentence case, but a possible life sentence . and prosecutors also said they believe linda sohas is dead and he killed her too but her body has never been