TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Bobby Flay, Giada tackle viewer cooking dilemmas

Chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis offer a helping hand to home cooks, answering viewer questions about how to cook with garlic and sharing the tastiest grilled cheese recipes.

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>>> back at 8:49, spilling the beaning with two of our favorite chefs. they're here to answer your cooking questions. good morning. wow, that was a tough one giada .

>> i'm a tough chick.

>> i know that.

>> we have a great question. something i've wondered myself. i can never get garlic to cook right. it either gets too burnt or not cooked enough.

>> okay. what i like to do is i actually like to crush the garlic into a paste. see what i do is chop it coarsely and take some kosher salt and use it as an abrasive and take the side of my knife and crush it into a paste. what i want to happen is when i put it in olive oil , i want it to kind of melt away. just disappear, but you have the flavor. giada does not like to do that.

>> i don't want my fingers to smell that much.

>> i'm with you on that.

>> come on.

>> i'll take sides on your grilled cheese .

>> whatever.

>> i take a clove of garlic, pound it, smash it and then what i do -- which is what my mom used to do, as well, i take it out after like two minutes and then we're done with it. i don't want to eat the garlic, you know.

>> bobby, this is where i'm with you. the perfect grilled cheese . emma wants to know. she tweeted you. what are the best cheeses and the condiments for grilled cheese .

>> well, first of all, picking the right cheese is really important.

>> an italian cheese, of course.

>> actually, i picked an italian cheese, as well. it's a very nutty cheese but actually melts very well. so it's a soft cheese. and i have bacon and some tomatoes. exactly, salt and pepper .

>> and you picked a good piece of bread.

>> that's a good quality white bread and you can either spread the butter on the bread or the griddle itself and griddle side down and let it cook. and i like to cover it.

>> this is a good idea.

>> so that the cheese melts and cooks all the way through.

>> and this gets very hot.

>> whatever you want to do, giada .

>> it's going to get really hot.

>> no, you're 100% right. nobody would ever understand the bowl and the thing might get hot. i'm sorry.

>> okay. you like it with chocolate and with fruit, which i'm with you on that too. i like that combination.

>> yeah, in italy we make a lot of panini and i make mine on a panini press.

>> she's been eating that all morning. it's delicious.

>> it's cheese and semichocolate chips. and then --

>> really good.

>> and then i use a very potent cheese. it's so flavorful with a little pear, honey and arugula.

>> and this tweet comes from bobby. bobby you tweeted said what is the best way to make pasta salad a great dish and not just an afterthought? how many of us have been to been to a barbecue and it's blah.

>> it doesn't have the flavor. giada is a pasta connoisseur as we all know. how do we, like --

>> dress it up. this is what i do with pasta. you cook it like regular pasta. lots of salt in the water.

>> little al dente.

>> you don't want it too krumpy.

>> do not put oil in the water. strain it but not rinse it. you want the starch, then add lots of flavor.

>> and no oil after it's cooked.

>> i take the pasta out, put it on a cookie sheet to let it cool.

>> olives.

>> and a little asiago.

>> this is like a pesto.

>> red wine vinegar , dijon, and bingo.

>> you're the one that thinks they're insipid.

>> well, they can be.

>> they can be.

>> that has great flavor.

>> and one more thing, don't dress it until ten minutes before you want to serve it.

>> perfect. giada and bobby. we're going to eat now. thanks, guys. and giada will be joining us for take three in a couple of minutes.

>> after i'm done with my pasta salad .