TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Jenna Bush Hager tests common pregnancy superstitions

We’ve all heard the different ways of predicting a baby’s gender before it’s born, from using a swinging crystal pendulum to the way you carry. But can any of these techniques really guess what’s to come? TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager puts them to the test.

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>>> this morning on "today's baby bump" pregnancy superstitions. we've heard about the different ways of predicting a baby's gender.

>> well, jenna bush hager has been very busy putting some of those superstitions to the test. good morning.

>> that's right. good morning, guys. as my pregnancy comes to an end, henry and i are excited to meet our babe and find out if we're having a boy or girl . of course, everyone's had their opinion and even that helped me figure out if these guesses have any truth to them.

>> every pregnant woman remembers the many multiple myths of pregnancy. the cravings, the way you carry, and even the swinging crystal pendulum all predicting the baby's gender. but can these age old techniques really guess what's to come?

>> i feel like you're having a boy. you're carrying a lot like i carried both of mine and that is you're really high and you're all belly. if you believe that old wives tale.

>> there's a lot of them.

>> natalie wanted to test some old wives tales and nowhere better to start than a psychic.

>> special reading, $10. it's on you.

>> it's on me.

>> this card is showing that she's got a child on the way. i also feel that she's going to have more than one child. not just going to have a boy, but there's going to be a girl.

>> you think it's a boy?

>> i'm feeling something, yeah, but i'm sure you're going to have a boy and girl .

>> with an inconclusive start behind us, we were off to a crystal healer.

>> the pendulum swings in a circle, that means she's going to have a girl. and if it swings back and forth, means she's going to have a boy. close your eyes , take a couple of deep breaths, and looks like it's going back and forth. and so that means boy.

>> it's a boy.

>> chalk one up for the boys. but we still had one more stop. and this clairvoyant reading, my wedding ring was analyzed.

>> i'm holding an object of yours so my body is getting involved.

>> i'm seeing that it's a boy because it's in there, it's tucked in.

>> like a tucked in --

>> i would be right. i predict a boy.

>> she predicted boy.

>> natalie and friends seem to think boy. but we turn to a professional to find out the truth behind these superstitions.

>> if you're having a boy, you're carrying low.

>> false.

>> if you're having a boy you're carrying out front.

>> also false.

>> if your nose is spreading, you're having a girl.

>> i have heard that, but it is also false.

>> there's no way i can find out what this baby is except for an ultrasound.

>> correct.

>> forget the science, some of my colleagues wanted to join in on the guessing game.

>> it's probably a girl. unless it's a boy.

>> unless you like pickles, then it could be a boy or girl .

>> but if you like ice cream --

>> then you're probably going to have a baby.

>> and if you like tuna, you're having a cat.

>> what do you think she's having, al? and what would you base it on?

>> nothing other than i think she's having a girl.

>> you do?

>> why?

>> i do. i don't know.

>> you know, something about her.

>> just turn sideways for a second. all right. so you're carrying kind of right in the middle.

>> right.

>> if you were carrying lower, that's a yankee fan. there's a little bit more compact and up, that's a red sox fan.

>> a rangers fan.

>> i'm telling you l right now, rangers --

>> it will be a rangers fan.

>> silly superstitions aside, it's clear the baby will be greatly loved and make a texas rangers fan too.

>> and just for the record, the rangers record as of now is 6-3 while the yankees are 4-4. so i just want to say it seems this baby already has better taste in baseball than you.

>> very good.

>> taking a shot.

>> will you have this baby already? it's been the longest pregnancy in "today" show history.

>> matt said the baby's getting more play than the octomom.

>> i said that between you and me.

>> we decided --

>> i'm just glad i'm not --

>> it's not octobaby in there.

>> we decided to hedge our bets here and cover our bases literally because we got little surprises.

>> that's too much.

>> okay.

>> it is too much. i can't find the rangers. texas rangers .

>> oh, cute.

>> it's in there somewhere too.

>> and there's a yankee in there.

>> rangers.

>> good luck. note to self, never say anything to jenna you don't want repeated on the air.

>> i'll probably be back next week.

>> we love having you. we can't wait to meet baby boy or baby girl .