TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Store owner takes on robbers with baseball bat

Two robbers in Chicago got more than they bargained for when they held up Luis Quizphe’s souvenir shop. Even after being shot in the leg, the 62-year-old Quizphe came up swinging, hitting the men with a baseball bat until they fled. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> in chicago, two robbers met more resistance than they probably expected and it was all caught on tape. nbc's john yang has that story.

>> reporter: the two men waited for customers to leave and then watch what happens. one of them grabs the owner's brother who was visiting and pulls a gun.

>> he's saying, give me the money or you are dead.

>> reporter: the second man runs behind the counter to the open cash drawer. look closely, you can see the flash, the gunman fires hitting the owner in the leg. but watch as he comes up swinging, literally with a baseball bat . the gunman keeps shooting at least nine more times according to authorities but misses because customers are buzzed in and out, the gunman doubles back to hit the buzzer behind the counter and gets more of the bat. and look at this, the owner's brother races around the counter and nails him with a stool and chases him with a fire extinguisher . he was released from the hospital wednesday night. his son delivered a message about the robbers who are still at large.

>> my dad told me to pray for them. and to make sure he's fine. he'll be okay.

>> a store owner who decided enough was enough. john yang , nbc news, chicago.