TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Christina Milian assesses new ‘Voice’ judges

The Grammy-nominated singer and social media correspondent for “The Voice” chats with TODAY’s Al Roker about the show, revealing her favorites from this season so far and saying that the newest judges, Shakira and Usher, “just fit in.”

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>> here on the set of the voice. we are joined by the voice's social media correspondent christina millian .

>> how are you doing?

>> i'm doing great. two new judges, shakira and usher, how has it changed the dynamic?

>> it's a lot more fun. not to say they weren't any fun, they were tons of fun. but i love the way shakira and usher sit in with blake and adam. and i love the way they just -- how shakira campaigns and she's so strong and the one woman on the stage and handles it so well. and usher's so cool, but he gets the audience really amped. and i think the people are responding.

>> your background, i mean, you've got best-selling albums, two grammy nominations. do you wonder what your career -- what kind of a boost it would have gotten had you been, say, on a show like "the voice"?

>> absolutely. doing a show like this, there's millions of viewers. and people are really, really gravitating to this show. as a young artist , if i was starting all over again, i totally would audition for "the voice."

>> battle rounds going on. 24 rounds.

>> yes.

>> who do you like in the early?

>> in the early stages?

>> yeah.

>> i'm a big fan of a young girl named taylor. and she's on team usher. she's young, 17, beautiful voice. but something about her is innocent and i think she's going to be really, really good for him to mold. i think he's great at molding and helping. she's willing to learn.

>> we'll start to see the results on monday. all right. christina, thank you very much.