TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Canadian woman thrilled by $40 million lottery win

Maria Carreiro was thrilled to have won $40,000 – until her daughter took a second look at the winning  ticket and realized it was actually worth $40 million. Carreiro has playing the same lottery numbers for 20 years. NBC’s Matt Lauer reports.

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>>> we're back now at 7:50 with a lottery winner we don't think you'll be able to forget because of the way she reacted to her good fortune.

>> i was like this shaky and i said, oh my god. oh my god!

>> this is what it looks like to become an instant millionaire.

>> thank you lord!

>> initially she was excited about winning $40,000 in canada's lotto max drawing until she told her daughter.

>> and she checked the computer. she goes, mami, you're $40 million richer.

>> that excitement quickly accelera accelerated.

>> running down the street like a crazy woman and checked the lottery ticket and it said $40 million. and then i go, oh my god and i ran back up the street, home, and then i go i need a glass of water.

>> the 51-year-old grandmother of five plans on buying a new home for herself and both of her two daughters.

>> it hasn't sunk in that my dad worked so hard and we've been struggling so much. $40 million.

>> in addition to homes and cars, maria has a more pressing matter.

>> i'm going to go for dinner with my whole family. mandarin. all you can eat.

>> all you can eat.

>> going to go a long way too. you'll be able to eat a lot for