TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Wow! Shark snatches fisherman’s catch

What happens when a fisherman and a shark go after the same fish? Isaac Brumaghim went head-to-head with a 500-pound tiger shark to get a tuna. Guess who won?

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>> if a fisherman and a shark are competing for the same dinner, who wins? check out this video. it happens when the shark spots the tuna on isaac 's line. the 500-pound tiger shark goes in for the kill. oh, there it is. isaac tries to reel back in his cash, but then the shark head butts the kayak and makes off with the tuna. don't feel too bad for isaac , he's alive. also, he managed to catch a few more fish. he's in a competition. but a close encounter with, dare i say jaws. it is 7:09.

>> you're going to need a bigger boat as al would say, a kayak?

>> this is why i have not learned to swim.

>> don't you think there's a good reason we didn't play the audio from that tape, as well?

>> he was a little shaken up, no doubt.