TODAY   |  April 11, 2013

Storms damage homes in Arkansas, Missouri

Missouri governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency for some areas of the state after intense spring storms caused high winds and possibly tornadoes in Missouri and Arkansas, damaging dozens of homes. NBC’s Marci Manley reports.

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>>> but first, we are following the breaking news this morning. the damaging storms across the south.

>> a state of emergency is in effect for parts of missouri and thousands in arkansas are without power this morning. let's get right to marcy from kark, the nbc affiliate in little rock .

>> sounded like literally a freight train.

>> reporter: terrifying moments wednesday for residents in arkansas where storms ripped through the town destroying homes and ripping vehicles. frederick brown says he was headed north on highway 65 when the storm hit. toppling his truck on its side.

>> you couldn't see nothing. and all of a sudden, i just start spinning out of control for a long time.

>> brown says he crawled to safety near the parking lot of a local church . the same place where others took cover from the storm under an awning which eventually blew away.

>> all of a sudden we just saw this debris flying at us. some bust my window and the back of the truck actually was lifted.

>> in missouri, heavy gusts of wind and rain barrelled through the st. louis suburbs of sullivan and hazelwood.

>> i have reports of maybe 101 miles an hour winds. i don't know if it was a tornado. about 50 families displaced at this time.

>> fire officials say there were only minor injuries and many are thankful to be alive.

>> the wind picked my car up and brought it through this area and turned it around. now it's headed in that direction.

>> i was terrified. i've never in my life been through anything like that.

>> and that was kark in little rock reporting. and al's