TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Job expert: Employees should know their worth

Kelly Wallace from iVillage and job search expert Amanda Augustine discuss a new survey that found that many women don’t often ask for a raise or promotion at work. They also offer some tips for negotiating a higher salary.

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>>> you think you deserve a raise or promotion? you are not alone. according to a new surveys, more than 60% of women have wanted to ask for more money, but never did.

>> how about you?

>> yeah, i'm in that group.

>> that's why god made agents. to help women lean in and take charge of their careers. kelly wallace is chief correspondent of ivillage and amanda, a new to our show, is a job search expert.

>> you gathered data.

>> we did women don't seem to be leaning in enough. less than 20% have ever asked for a promotion, only 35% have asked for a raise. get this, only 17% of women have ever asked for a meeting with their boss or supervisor?

>> even now, and we're so enlightened and so empowered.

>> but we're really not.

>> it's start when we're kids. on the playground, the boys are the leaders. the girls were called bossy. that travels into our adult lives and our professional lives.

>> institutionalized.

>> but if you deserve a raise, money is one of those things that sometimes can push you along to go after it.

>> and it's taking me a long time, money equals value. it's really important. what we found when women were asked, are they happy or not with their job? the women who were unhappy, the number one thing was how much they're making, so it's really important for women to realize. i also think job security came through here, too. a lot of women are worried about losing their jobs. we have to get the message out just by asking for a raise, promotion, more responsibilities doesn't mean you'll by penalized.

>> what if you ask and you get turned down.

>> you have to go in prepared that might happen. and it's plan b. are you willing to work away? and if that's not, what else do you want to negotiate? there are other thing besides money? if you don't have the skill set to get to the next level, you have to say, well, what do i need to do? let's develop a plan.

>> that's a conversation you could have with your boss. you say what will get me to the next step? what do i need to do?

>> and we all know from our own careers, just by putting yourselves out there -- look at hoda here now today.

>> look at you.

>> on top of the world . when you perceive yourself as moving forward, other people think, without, i didn't realize she wanted this.

>> and then they thought -- but it was right. why are they going to give you money unless you put it in your brain and you think, gee, i don't want to lose that person, let me give them a little more.

>> you can have that conversation if you proo el pare ahead of team. if you do your homework.

>> how do you find out what other people around you are making?

>> you don't need to go to everyone n but you