TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

3 celebrity looks that won’t break the budget

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows how you can dress like Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr without spending a ton of dough, incorporating floral skirts, white tops and skinny jeans.

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>>> how to dress like a hollywood celebrity without spending like one.

>> today contributing editor for people stylewatch is jill martin with affordable looks.

>> we always like to look like celebs.

>> and all these lines are making lines for target and j.c. penney . it's nice to feel expensive without breaking the bank. we have three looks.

>> miranda, tell us about her look.

>> leaving victoria's secret, i understand.

>> she's gorgeous on or off the pages. we see the before picture here and this is marina. look how similar, her prada bag alone $1,595. this entire outfit $270.

>> not include the bra and panties.

>> this is from h & m , and it's real leather. it's a little pricier considerable.

>> you can imagine the markup. it's all about label.

>> it's all about label. the skirt is great for so many body types, and then you pair it with a simple t-shirt. it's a beautiful look.

>> thank you.

>>> next up, gwyneth paltrow , rocking the white .

>> i love white .

>> we love winter white .

>> nobody looks better in white jeans than you.

>> here she comes itches this is the white look. now, white before labor day , of course fine, and winter white especially, so just the sweater for gwyneth, 994. this total look, $240. this is just a great sweater to mix and match, even in the summer with just a pair of jeans.

>> that skirt looks expensive.

>> $83.

>> stop it.

>>> people don't thing you can wear this kind of skirt and tuck it in, but just wear a longer top.

>>> i love red pumps. you have to know where you're going.

>> there's so much attitude with that outfit.

>> and where you're going. also just to be able to buy pieces you can mix and match. i like that. just uses the red and blue with the white .

>> very patriotic.

>> yes.

>> thanks, laura.

>>> finally naomi watts ' picture. that's cute.

>> she's stunning.

>> she's wearing skinny jeans . we always say can anybody wear them? she can.

>> and dara actually has two children. look how great she looks, but i say these coated jeans, very in, but if you're going to buy one jean, i would say you do something that's flared a little at the bottom. but i wanted to show here, you can put it with a longer top and blazer, and it really works.

>> is this she's gilbert got freed's wife.

>> i didn't know that.

>> i didn't either. he's his teschally funny i can't believe you two have two children.

>> that did not come up in the fitting.

>> she's adorable. now we know your whole family.

>> everyone come back out again.

>> did we not say everything about her outfit.