TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

‘Defiance’ stars: Sci-fi saga is ‘story of America’

Grant Bowler and Julie Benz are two of the stars of the Syfy show “Defiance,” which is the first TV series to integrate online gaming. Kathie Lee and Hoda try out the video game, which involves extraterrestrial visitors who have come to colonize Earth, only to find it inhabited.

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>>> it's been five years in the making, but a new sci-fi series called "defiance" is ready to thrill audiences.

>> for the first time ever, a tv show will be coupled with a video game . here are two of the stars of the series.

>> what a good-looking duo. benz and boler.

>> we definitely could start an automobile factory.

>> this is on the syfy channel, obviously involves aliens, the end of the world --

>> what do you mean obviously -- i guess sci-fi it does.

>> if you're not a sci-fi person, would you be interested.

>> at the core it's a character-driven story.

>> do you play aliens or humans?

>> humans.

>> as luck would have it.

>> thankfully.

>> some of us more than others.

>> cuts down in the makeup --

>> it's a lot quicker getting out in the morning.

>>> do the aliens and humans get along?

>> it's complicated.

>> i know.

>> julie plays the mayor of the town .

>> because everybody has a drop-dead blonde mayor, right?

>> i tell you, it can't hurt. how do you feel about it?

>> is the big struggle in the town is can aliens and humans live peacefully together?

>> why can't they?

>> i know. why can't they?

>> all get along.

>> you want to ebony and ivory .

>> you have a singing voice.

>> she sings.

>> i used to. i have 16 cds would you like to hear them? this is exciting. they're very excited, got to have them on the show and tell people how amazing this is going to be. why are we going to love it?

>> essentially it's an immigrant drama. it's the story of america. it's the story of a group of disparate people, disparate races from different backgrounds stuck on the same life craft. it's no longer earth.

>> 30 years later, right?

>> after a terrible war, but also a horrific accident that's left the world, not the earth, but not the homes that the aliens left.

>> so everybody is out of --

>> and the aliens can't go back. they lost their planet.

>> so we feel sorry for them, too.

>> we talked about how this is a video game / tv show . let's explain what we're doing.

>> can you ask how you you this lindsay is doing? you were in the --

>> i was in -- yes, it was just the two of us. i don't know.

>> what happened on letterman, were you surprised?

>> i didn't see it. i was on a plane here.

>> we just played it.

>> i don't know. we don't --

>> all right. you were a gentleman through the whole thing and continuing to be, which is nice.

>> let's play.

>> the one thing you need to know is, we win.

>> good.

>> because grant 'playing, i don't know how to play. that's us.

>> this is julia over here.

>> and you unfortunately.

>> and go. this makes you run, you turn.

>> now we're going to go up here.

>> i don't play these at home, do you? did you know we were firing?

>> let's go down the hill.

>> that's me down there, running away.

>> the wonderful thing about the game is that this is a 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, you go off the cliff.

>> nice. nice.

>> you get him.

>> and we're looking for bad guys.

>> i think we're winning. i