TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Kurt Warner helps others get ‘a second chance’

The former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl MVP talks about helping deserving individuals follow their dreams on his new show “The Moment,” saying his athletic success is “all because I got a second chance,” which has inspired him help others.

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>>> former nfl quarterback and superbowl mvp kurt warner is clearly an accomplished professional athlete and dancer, but it wasn't always an easy role. now he's helping deserving individuals follow their dreams on the new usa show "the moment." good to see you..

>> good to be here.

>> you really understand this because while you have really achieved everything you would want as an athlete, it didn't start out that way for you.

>> no, you're exactly right. show about second chances, having gotten a second chance and the great thing is you understand everything that goes into it but you also understand the possibilities. i mean why i'm here, my career, where my family is right now is all because i got a second chance, so to have the opportunity to step back into people's lives and present that opportunity to them is extremely exciting and to be the host, it's not just introducing people, taking the viewers from one place to another, i get a chance to interject my story, help teach these guys, give them lessons that they can avoid in their process of chasing their dream.

>> you're their guide and the people i understand that were sent in by family and friends. how did you go about picking the people and giving them that moment?

>> you know, it's obviously a long process of making sure, first we want to make sure they have a chance to fulfill their dream. you obviously have to have skill, not taking somebody on a whim, i want to be a professional football player. you have to have the skill, obviously the story behind it. these are people that were chasing their dream at one point in time and then life stepped in, life threw them a curveball and forced them to step away from their dream so the story part of it, you know, and obviously for television you got the personality part, you want people that will engage with the audience that can really attract the audience.

>> exciting. kurt, we're looking forward to it. catch the series premiere of "the moment" tom night at 10:00 , 9:00 central