TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

How to wear white before Memorial Day

It’s easy to enjoy wearing winter white in the off-season, but what are the fashion rules for white clothing as the weather starts to warm up? Style expert Lloyd Boston is here to help you figure out when and how to wear white.

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>>> this morning on "today's style school" how to wear white before memorial day . lloyd bachmann is a style expert.

>> good to see you.

>> the number one question you get asked on social media , when can i technically break out the whites. you don't have to wait until memorial day .

>> you don't have to wait but you want to make sure that the fabric is seasonally appropriate. making sure you use something like check out the pants today, corduroy. you want to stay away from things that are not seasonally appropriate. you don't want to be mrs. roper before memorial day , linen, be careful unless you're living in a hot climate clinen linen is not appropriate. if you're at miami beach or laguna. be careful, strappy sandals, flip-flops make you look too summery before the season breaks. sxw .

>> you have a great summery dress and white cardigan. add accessories?

>> start with the cardigan, a great way to wear white right. it's over the seasonal party dress and the dress and necklace come from i love the belt from

>> this is a beautiful trend, people concerned wearing something so light it will get dirty.

>> on the so longiest day it makes you feel like a million bucks. this costs nothing, from it adds light to your face. the yellow pants are soft and pastel-like and i love these because they have a great feel to them from and spared it with a watch, because a little yellow keeps it soft and yellow.

>> and a lot of pops of color throughout so brightens up the white of the trench.

>> way to go.

>> if you are going to wear white pants there is again about the fabric.

>> a lot of ladies are afraid of white pants in general. go for a nautical theme, easy way to go, look at the necklaces head to toe , from i love these jeans, white jeans are a great way to go, get them a size larger if you're concerned about the hips or the bottom blessings we call them, go a size larger.

>> bootylicious.

>>, this is a veggie bag. bags are okay before memorial day . veggie bag because it's not leather. this is from

>> and finally the crisp, white shirt . i thought you could wear this year round.

>> you absolutely can but this is for a woman who wants to take a baby step if she's in the office. it's wrinkle resistant. i found this at and the skirt the mirrored print of the moment, love this piece from kenneth coal found on and a baby step, a simple accessory takes it home without going too far.

>> i wore my white denims in today and i wore a linen shirt so i guess i'm still breaking the rules here.

>> rule-breakers always get noticed. keep your head up.