TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Inside Jenna Bush Hager’s baby shower

The TODAY anchors, along with Jenna Bush Hager, chat about the hot topics of the day and take a look at photos and video from Jenna’s recent baby shower, thrown by her TODAY family.

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i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales and "today's" contributing corresponde enent jenna bush hager .

>> good morning.

>> bags packed, ready to go?

>> the bags are not packed. where am i going?

>> vacation?

>> hospital.

>> the hospital, not yet. no, i need to pack the bags probably, that's another thing on my to do list.

>> more pressure.

>> no pressure, it's fine.

>> a little go bag.

>> did you pack your bag?

>> yes.

>> now she's worried. you're okay.

>> wait ten minutes at list.

>> if you don't have everything in there you can always go back and get it.

>> it's not like i'm delivering in a different country.

>> henry can run home. take three with your baby shower , my baby shower was not published in "people" mag zeeazinemagazine . ?

>> no.

>> all of the ladies of "today" put it on.

>> and then there was hoda and kathie lee .

>> whoa!

>> come on.

>> little hors d'oeuvres, peter callahan, tiny little bites with baby themes, really well done. rubbing the belly. are you sick and tired of people rubbing your belly?

>> strangers it's awkward but friends. henry , my husband came and surprised me, which i was, he turned kind of red but that's a sign of a sensitive man.

>> there you go.

>> and everyone gave me books which was really sweet.

>> because you're a teacher.

>> because i am a teacher and my mom was a teacher and librarian. i grew one a mother that read to us all the time and natalie actually sang me a beautiful song.

>> oh, no! are you serious?

>> she did, in front of everybody. they want to hear it.

>> how many times have you read good night moon to your kids?

>> many, many.

>> millions.

>> i have read this book so many times, i have it committed to memory and committed to song, because i have to jazz it up not just for my kids.

>> actually you don't have to. you don't have to.

>> she jazzed it up. in the great green room there is a telephone and the red balloon --

>> i was going to say, wow. and the picture of --

>> look at jenna's belly bouncing. the kid's going let me out of here!

>> panic! no, the strangest book i got was "fifty shades of grey."

>> who gave you that?

>> i'm not going to tell you.

>> i want a name.

>> you can guess.

>> do they work after 10:00 on our show?

>> actually it's jackie, our producer. you said this is for baby number two, henry .

>> i said we don't need a baby number two yet.

>> let's get baby number one.

>> worry about one at a time. the go bag is very cool in "people" magazine.

>> and meghan kauf.

>> a party manner extrordinaire.

>>> lindsay lohan on david letterman last night was on to talk about "scary movie 5" and dave went off script asking her about her upcoming court-ordered rehab stint and things have gotten uncomfortable.

>> how many times have you been in rehab?

>> several.

>> how will this time be different. what are they rehabbing first of all, what is on their list, what are they going to work on when you walk through the door?

>> we didn't discuss this in the pre-interview.

>> no, but it will be three months and --

>> no, i think to be honest i'm the happiest when i'm working and healthiest, and i think this is an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what i love in life and i don't think it's a bad thing. i think it's a blessing.

>> so she's been on the show several times. she knows dave but she obviously was not expecting some of those questions.

>> she was asked a question do you have addictions or what are your addictions and the best thing she could do especially for people who do struggle with addictions is come out and say yes, i'm battling addictions. why not be up front and honest with it and say this is something. she did say i view this as a blessing going to rehab and hopefully it gets her back on track.

>> i think it's interesting took somebody like david letterman to ask her the tough questions and maybe somebody would do this and make her pay for some of the stuff she's done maybe she could be on that road back.

>> the people that need to ask her the tough questions are like her family.

>> and we see that's not happening.

>> no, so she's due to report may 2nd to rehab. this is for reckless driving case that happened last year. so we'll see how that turns out. let's go to our take two, the national spelling bee adding vocabulary now, making this more difficult for these kids, for the first time the 86-year history of the national spelling bee contestants have to worry about what the words mean as well as how to spell them.

>> wow.

>> that's cruel.

>> now they have to read the dictionary.

>> study the dictionary.

>> to qualify for the championship finals in the semis, spellers are judged on a cumulative score that incorporates the live spelling and computer-based spelling questions and computer-based vocabulary questions. you won't see that part on the broadcast.

>> thank goods.

>> it will figure 50% of your score is based on what the word means.

>> it's a multiple choice so it makes it easier. we decided to give our somehowers a little test.

>> i don't know if this was a great idea.

>> jenna is going to put us to the spelling bee test.

>> this is third grade level word.

>> okay, set us up, here we go.

>> if you don't get it maybe you should go back to school. the word.

>> we have to spell it and define it. z>> borborigmus.

>> this is third grade level ?

>> i think so. i got it right away.

>> origin?

>> there's no origin. i believe it's latin. isn't everything?

>> aren't they call.

>> borborigmus.

>> you can use it in a sentence?

>> no, we have to --

>> if you can't get the word i could use it in a sentence.

>> we have to define it.

>> that could help. context clues again. borborigmus.

>> what would that be? no? let's do a reveal.

>> you have a definition? i'm just going to think of a definition.

>> he knows it.

>> no, no, i don't.

>> i think do you.

>> nat go ahead.

>> i should have written it bigger.

>> close but no.

>> what is your definition?

>> we'll wait until after.

>> here is mine.

>> no. but close. it's spelled boborygmus.

>> a rumbling of the intestines. they put it right there.

>> i was going to use it in a sentence. my borborygmus is hurting. no?

>> that would not be right. you got the answer.

>> when you're pregnant, unfortunately there's some borborygmus.

>> that's what they do.

>> for sure.

>> we could have come up with some funny definitions but oh well.

>> so sad.

>> what were you going to go with?

>> i was going to say what happens when we get very boring?

>> oh like a condition. like i've come down with a case of borborygmus.

>> at a dinner party , people that put to you sleep.

>> proving once again we're not qualified for a 12-year-old spelling bee .

>> the stations just went away. don't go, don't go, he didn't mean that.

>> i didn't mean that. take three, a fun quick one, buzz feed.

>> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>> roll it. these are facts that actually aren't true. we think they're facts but they're not true. number one, one-half of all marriages end in divorce, conventional wisdom. not true. this figure is a simple comparison of course of the number of divorces in a given year with the total number of marriages. but since the two figures represent two very different groups of people, the 50% number is not correct. now you know.

>> another one is that pregnancy only lasts nine months.

>> it's ten months.

>> it's 40 weeks.

>> why do they never tell you that until you get pregnant?

>> because you wouldn't get pregnant. wait a minute, hold on! nine is okay. ten, i'm out.

>> low balling. here is another one which we've proven today, people only use 10% of their brains.

>> some of us only 5%.

>> i'm not even close to half that.

>> when you're pregnant it's 2.5.

>> princeton neuroscientists debunked the idea 90% of our brains go unused.

>> we use different parts of our brains at all times.

>> you put that to test with the borborygmus.

>> natalie, save us from ourselves.