TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Score bracelets, reversible dress at deep discounts

In her newest installment of Steals and Deals, TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows the products you can get for deeply discounted prices, including a Hayley Starr reversible dress, Travelpro luggage, and leather bracelets.

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>>> doing the steals and deals. how does it work again?

>> go on right now, all the deals are there, and we'll link you to the retailer's website. we have limited amounts so if you want it, get it fast.

>> go fast. so dresses.

>> you could be wearing this today without a jacket but we will need them, very versible dress retail $250, it's a best seller for nearly a decade.

>> what is the deeply discounted price?

>> it's for all body types, two sizes, 0 through 12 and 14 through 20, machine washable, doesn't wrinkle. you see the different ways you can tie it a zillion different ways. the deal is $59, that's 76% off.

>> 59 bucks? i'm shocked. what is next in.

>> okay, so the julep mani/pedi set, retail $143. start with the mani collection, six runway inspired nail colors, three best selling hand products, remover, cuticle stick, glycolic hand scrub and the pedi, the polish remover , the foot file.

>> to get the stuff off the bottom of your feet. i like the whole thing.

>> this is an at-home spa. the retail $143, the deal for either --

>> what is it, i can't wait.

>> $29.99, 79% off.

>> i don't know how this is possible. this segment i don't know how it's possible but it's astonishing.

>> and it comes in a box so great for gifts.

>> jewelry.

>> i'm wearing them now, the leather wrap tassel bracelets, retail $148, hand made from earlized leather wrapped chain with a signature tassel, gold, silver or rose plated, sold in high end boutiques and department stores across the country, katy perry , carrie underwood wears it. $39, 76% off.

>> you're wearing two so you can mix and match.

>> you can layer them, and another great gift.

>> this is important for all of us who are on the road. is this travel pro?

>> it looks like your luggage.

>> except mine's beaten up.

>> travel pro, retail $300 to $380 so the 21 inch, the 25 inch or 29 inch expandible and it spins, available in four colors, sold at macy's and dillards. check the shipping. the retail is $300 to $380. the deal $69 to 89 depending on the size, 77% off.

>> just so i'm clear one of these is $380?

>> one. you pick one and then the deal is $69 to $89.

>> and now linens and things.

>> spring cleaning, the retail $170 to $180, made of 100% organic cotton , 250 thread count, available in queen and king. look how beautiful the bed is made.

>> does look pretty.

>> a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases available in seven colors.

>> i like the way do you that.

>> i did that myself came in early. $170 to $180, the deal $48 for the set, up to 78% off.

>> so let's recap because this is my part. you've got the reversible dresses, the julep mani/pedi set, the bracelets by nissa and the travelpro luggage and nine space sheets.