TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

What’s in a (dog’s) name? Quite a lot

From Toto to Cujo, a dog’s name can evoke strong feelings. New pet owner Hoda Kotb, who struggled to pick the right name for her pup, talks to other pet owners about making the tough decision of what to name a new dog.

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>> i recently found out one of the best things you can do is get a dog. i just got this little guy blake shelton about a week or so ago. one of the big questions dog owners have, what on earth should you name your puppy? we take a look right here. that the brooklyn doggy academy puppy party the memory of how the pooches came to be named is a fresh memory.

>> milo, jasper, cooper.

>> finneas, he knows his name.

>> the inspiration for doggy names --

>> billy.

>> jazz singer and to an italian herb.

>> that is basil.

>> for some families picking just the right name is an opportunity to choose something symbolic.

>> we loved matrix.

>> there's abannual list of the most wacky pet names, spunky brewster, otto itchy bobo and chew baca. andrea advises to keep them short and sweet. zbl .

>> i've had clients give their dogs william benedict the iii and i think that's a little too much.

>> even short and sweet can come with a twist.

>> it's spelled with two ns although she has the form look.

>> and sometimes compromise is the name of the game .

>> pink got her name because pink is my wife's favorite color. originally she wanted to name her principle sis but i didn't want to walk a dog named princess.

>> the most popular dog names aren't that different from baby names . bell laand max topped last year's list.

>> if they're part of the family you'll take a lot of effort into choosing a name because it's a name your dogs will have through the next 15 years and a name you're going to say a lot.

>> and then there's me. i oshlg loriginally wanted to name him after blake shelton but quickly learned that everyone has an opinion so i backed down, i named him charlie, until kathie lee set me straight.

>> i think there is somebody on the phone that's incredibly disappointed in you, hoda woman.

>> what?

>> good morning, blake .

>> you didn't name your dog after me?

>> oh, wait a second. do you want me to name the dog blake ?

>> i do.

>> there you go.

>> there's something wrong about that.

>> i asked if it was okay he said let's just pretend i asked miranda and she said yes.

>> there is young blake .

>> do you call him blake , blake shelton ?

>> i call him blake . you've got a cute little pooch.

>> i have pepper who is also a rescue.

>> mine is a rescue but came with her name, zara and i kept it because i love it.

>> let's see zara.

>> and i've got jules.

>> of course you do, jules.

>> big tongues hanging out.