TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Pair who allegedly abducted kids return from Cuba

Early this morning a government plane returned Chase and Cole Hakken to U.S. soil after they were allegedly kidnapped by their parents, Joshua and Sharyn, from their maternal grandmother and taken to Cuba. Their parents have been charged in the kidnapping. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> there are new developments in the case of a florida father who is accused of kidnapping his children and fleeing with them to cuba. nbc's kerry sanders is following that story from tampa .

>> reporter: good morning, just hours ago the u.s. government brought the haiken family back to the united states from cuba. the parents are being held at the jail in tampa . joshua and sharon haiken later will be arraigned on a variety of charges including kidnapping their own two children. early this morning a u.s. government plane carrying 2-year-old chase and 4-year-old cole haiken and their parents, joshua and sharon , touched down in tampa where the pair was taken into custody. you the in a van and whisked away.

>> they are in u.s. u.s. can di.

>> reporter: the boy's parents had been booked into jail, they're accused of kidnapping and child neglect . they apparently sought safe haven on the communist island. they had lost custody of the children to their maternal grandmother. week ago the boy's father broke into her home, tied up the grandmother at knifepoint and after being joined by sharon they say the couple kidnapped their own children and fled. after six days of frantic searching the haiken family turned up in havana at the hemingway marina but cuban authorities, who in rare cooperation with the united states , sent the family back.

>> they were very supportive and very cooperative in all of our requests.

>> reporter: to some this incident sounds like a reverse elian gonzalez case. 5-year-old cuban born boy who landed in the united states in 1999 after his mother died at sea. chase and kohl's grandparents say they're relieved.

>> we're looking forward to sitting with them, getting them home where they'll be safe again.

>> reporter: also on this strange odyssey , the family dog , a terrier named natty, later this morning the fbi which also brought the dog back plans to reunite the dog with 2-year-old jason and 4-year-old cole. they've had quite an adventure.

>> kerry sanders thanks so much.