TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Myth or fact: It’s OK to pop a pimple

Camille Chatterjee from Health magazine tests Kathie Lee and Hoda on their knowledge of beauty myths and facts, asking them whether it’s OK to pop a pimple and if blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair every day will damage it.

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>>> all right. do you go to bed with your makeup still on?

>> yes.

>> do you skip -- washing your hair for a few days?

>> let's face it. we all cut corners in our beauty routine. that's not necessarily a terrible thing. here to separate myth from fact is "health" magazine's deputy editor, camille chattergee.

>> i'm going to give you a statham and you're going to tell me whether it's a myth or a fact. number one, you should clean your makeup brushes at least once a month. myth or fact?

>> it's a myth. that's a trick question , you should clean them once a week.

>> oh.

>> you're both sort of -- right.

>> well let's just move on.

>> what do you mean, once a week.

>> they collect bacteria.

>> they can collect mold. you don't want to get that bacteria all over your face.

>> she's had one that she's had at the bottom of her purse for six years.

>> wash it, please, you'll do your skin a favor.

>> how come you're not covered in zits.

>> i don't know. that's a nice observation.

>> next one. myth or fact, going to bed without washing your face is fine once and a while.

>> fact.

>> you're right. it really is not such a big deal to go to bed without washing your face. and you know you can't be perfect all the time. don't worry about passing out in bed. but if you can wash your face before bed it's best to get that bacteria off.

>> what about eye makeup?

>> it can cause inflammation of your eyelid if you leave it on, but that's not going to happen every night. number three, every once in a while it's okay to pop a pimple.

>> heck yes.

>> myth.

>> no.

>> you should never pop your pimples.

>> if they can do it for you --

>> because they're professionals.

>> they have clean hands . sanitary. if you're going to do it make sure your hands are clean.

>> that's why i said fact. there's a way to do it.

>> we don't recommend it for use at home.

>> can you imagine walking around with that big thing sticking out?

>> can you imagine popping it and have the --

>> i would rather have have it done, miss chatterbug or whatever your name is.

>> myth or fact, there's no harm in blow-drying or flat-ironing your hair every day.

>> you know it's a fact.

>> i'm going to say -- you said there's no harm in doing it.

>> fact. it's okay.

>> to put heat on your hair every day despite what you've heard.

>> if it's done properly, missy.

>> stop saying that.

>> people don't know that. they're going to go, okay,ky do it every day and wonder why they look like strawberry shortcake .

>> if they're hair is damaged, it will look worse, but if their hair is healthy, it will be fine.

>> she's getting on my nerves.

>> you'll get the next one, i know it.

>> dyeing your hair can actually help enrich your hair follicles .

>> i'm going to go with myth.

>> i'm going to say fact.

>> it's a myth.

>> it doesn't help your hair.

>> you have have no points. i have four, four.

>> now, it's not so bad if you don't drastically do it, lightening --

>> somehow she's destroying the segment.

>> tiebreaker.

>> there are two tiebreakers. moisturizer with spf is as good as sunscreen, myth or fact?

>> myth.

>> i have to say it's better than nothing.

>> that's not the question.

>> okay, this one hopefully -- it is okay to use the same nail clippers on your feet and your hands, as long as you don't share them. it is totally fine to use your clippers on your feet and your hands.

>> you have a lot of crappy stuff on your toes so i'm going to say that's a myth.

>> never do that. never do that.

>> i love chatterjee.