TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Sara helps firefighter stage NYC-style proposal

TODAY’s Sara Haines teamed up with a concierge from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City to help one guy give his girlfriend a surprise proposal, making her think they were coming to the Big Apple for him to receive an award.

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>>> it is time for sara in the city. this time our girl got to visit one of the swankiest hotels in new york .

>> and we hear you got to play concierge?

>> that's right. i shadowed one of the best waldorf astoria 's concierge. he helped one lucky guy plan a wedding proposal. katie and dave met nearly three years ago through mutual friends. they started off as friends, but soon began dating. they love traveling, bowling and their two dogs. dave certain that he wanted to marry katie , was planning a proposal fit for a princess. and he was in a new york state of mind . but this man faced just one problem, getting his bride-to-be from the windy city to the big apple .

>> i knew i wanted to come to new york and i needed a reason for her to come out here. i thought that would be great do get her all dressed up and get her pampered. she knows everything i do to get something going.

>> a firefighter, they set up a little scenario, a mock banquet honoring him and fellow firefighters.

>> she thinks we're here for a fire department banquet. instead of full of people it will be her and i, her favorite flowers set up on the table. and champagne and i'm going to get down on one knee and propose and hopefully she says yes, and i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

>> if she doesn't, i'm here.

>> we'll know in about an hour.

>> an hour?

>> 50 minutes.

>> meanwhile, katie was happily getting pampered for what she thought was a night for her man to be in the spotlight.

>> getting ready to go in the spa where katie is getting ready for the banquet she thinks she's going to tonight. i'm going to have to pull out the inner actress.

>> posted on facebook how proud i am and i got 40 comments right off the bat.

>> she's been sending me pictures and texts and she told me that they just interviewed me for like 15 minutes , cameras rolling.

>> katie sure was fooled. but dave wasn't the only mastermind. he enlisted the help of seasoned concierge michael romay.

>> some of the most immediate questions i ask, what is katie 's favorite color, food, flower, music. that's the foundation of what we can then build on to create something truly special.

>> to build an ambience.

>> yes.

>> i want to be part of this and help you put the finishing touches on, can i come with you now?

>> absolutely. let's go.

>> with less than an hour, it was go time.

>> it's almost 1:45.

>> okay.

>> so we have about 15 minutes .

>> we just put the finishing touches on. we've got about ten minutes. so i'm going to wait in the corner and -- that's when the magic happens, good luck, dave . you got this.

>> i love you!

>> katie , what were you thinking when you walked in and saw all the flowers?

>> i was thinking what is going on?

>> there's actually not a big deal . he's a fireman, but we're not honoring him today.

>> oh, my god.

>> and finally, an intimate moment for the happy couple.

>> cheers, baby.

>> cheers, i love you.

>> i love you both.

>> it's so romantic.

>> can you pass me the goodies.

>> yes.

>> i love that one. that was sweet.

>> we want to extend a huge congratulations to dave and katie and michael and myself.