TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Cabbage Patch Kids, Atari: Anchors recall 1980s

The TODAY anchors, along with chef Sunny Anderson, chat about the hot topics of the day and take a walk down memory lane, recalling some of their favorite things from the ’80s, including leg warmers, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, Trapper Keeper binders, and more.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this gorgeous morning, tuesday, april 9 , 2013 . i'm willie geist with al roker , natalie more or less and sunny anderson . 38.

>> 38?

>> yeah.

>> now you're talk.

>> i'm happy to be here. this is my best birthday after.

>> last two years --

>> everyone says 40 is scary but i'm ready for it.

>> you turned 40?

>> yeah. the 40. i like the 40.

>> 40 is the new 30.

>> don't worry about it.

>> if you say so.

>> she's doing okay.

>> terrific. she's a great mom.

>> she is.

>> thank you, al.

>> 38 is a great age.

>> i'm feeling great.

>> 41 is all downhill.

>> i'll tell any woman after 25 stop eating crazy because it takes forever to get the weight off. don't listen to me.

>> your grandma's red velvet cake is off limit? when i saw the candles why are there candles? oh, it's my birthday.

>> we have some props we'll talk about these in a second. there's a reason why we have a boom box a reason we got the walkman. and the term cabbage patch kid will be invoked.

>> not the dance.

>> as long as you don't have me do the cabbage pack.

we're having an '80s party. national geographic channel and a survey asking americans about their affection for the 1980s . this is to remere on sunday about a series, mini series national geographic is doing about the '80s. here are some of the findings. three in four americans today thought our country was better off in the '80s than it is now. three out of four. if a presidential election were held today 58% would vote for ronald reagan over president barack obama .

>> but tinting thing is a lot of people thought -- i mean ronald reagan probably would be seen almost as liberal today as opposed to being a conservative. he did a lot of great things. things that shifted.

>> relative to what you see now, absolutely. a lot of cultural nostalgia for the '80s. 51% of americans would like see a resurgence of leg warmers .

>> thought they were already back.

>> did they come back?

>> i have natural leg warmers called meat on the bones.

>> i do like the idea because, i mean --

>> do they keep your leg warm?

>> it's more of a look. you go to yoga.

>> i like the era but i never did it.

>> how about the harem pants .

>> those should be long gone. not attractive on anyone.

>> 7% of americans only 7% wanted to see a return to parachute pants . what are parachute pants ?

>> if case you fall out of a plane.

>> she's wearing one.

>> like har.m pants.

>> how about this question? the best toy of the 1980s it was a dead heat between the cabbage patch kid and the rubics cube .

>> it wasn't strawberry short zmak

>> i loved my cabbage patch .

>> do you remember the name?

>> i don't. i had a birth certificate and sent birthday cards every year. that was cool.

>> i was too late for the cabbage patch . i remember the craze at christmas time to get it. it was crazy. you know you didn't have e-bay back then.

>> i had a cabbage doll, his name was dale. i tweeted that out. i love the name of the cabbage patch kids .

>> you had a cabbage patch doll .

>> when i was like 7.

>> did it took like you? did you get the one with the brown hair ?

>> yeah.

>> i was a tough guy. i always brought dale to football games .

>> 21% named "back to the future" as the most defining movie of the decade. and throw in "ghostbusters."

>> and "breakfast club."

>> 18% is right behind "back to the future."

>> favorite '80s food.

>> rees pieces.

>> atari.

>> pac-man in the '80s.

>> zork.

>> donkey gong.

>> trapper keeper . slosh.

>> the trapper keeper .

>> do you have a favorite?

>> hold this up over your head.

>> yes.

>> i don't think we have the song. no. anyway --

>> do you have skills?

>> the "a-team." best action series . best sitcom.

>> "three's company."

>> "cheers."

>> "family ties."

>> "cosby."

>> they had problems and wrapped them up in 30 minutes .

>> got to go with "a-team."

>> for take three this is a hilarious tumbler page. a mommy created this page where she talks about why her son is crying. okay. so she puts up -- it's a bunch of photographs she puts up. his various states ever distress. reasons my son is crying. one of them is -- my brother's boots don't fit. good reason to cry . next one. i wouldn't let him drink bath water. here's another one. the slide is not slippery enough where you should wear pants. the milk isn't juice. and here's my favorite i wouldn't let him eat buzz lightyear 's head.

>> threw go. now these are a hit because a lot of people can relate. some people say it's a little -- you know --

>> who is saying that? who are these people.

>> maybe making fun of your child.

>> oh, stop it.

>> if you can't make fun of your kid who can?

>> my kid and i'll mock him.

>> those are photos that live on forever on the internet.

>> that's the scary part.

>> some kid in high school will say i saw that photo of you you can't eat lightyear's head.

>> builds character.

>> it does. it does.

>> i said it was a daddy who did that. as son with a 3-year-old we have to do something. we have to laugh or cry.

>> my kids break out in tears all the time for no apparent reason.

>> up need you had m humiliate them online.