TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

8 tips for balancing family, career, money

Psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins and personal coach Valorie Burton present strategies for releiving the stress of balancing family, money and your career, including focusing on solutions instead of problems, cultivating positive emotions, and lowering your expectations. 

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>>> back now with a little advice on how to handle stress. everybody has to deal with it at home or workplace. so we're tackling it head on.

>> here to share some simple tips is alyssia menendez.

>> one of the things and we've heard this before, exercise is a great way to relieve stress. does it have to be really active exercise or somewhat benign like walking.

>> we don't always have 30 minutes or 45 minutes. there are little spurts of energy, run up a flight of stairs. do some push ups . even just that wonderful for stress reduction .

>> another one crying. not easy to do in the workplace but a good way to let it out.

>> find a quiet please , close the door and let it out.

>> how about aroma therapy.

>> i know you're a fan.

>> al you make your own bath salts .

>> do i.

>> state, local authorities know about that?

>> no. it's a mix of himalayan sea salt , lavender and eucalyptus.

>> if you can purchase al roker bath salts keep them at your desk.

>> what about citrus?

>> citrus, oranges in particular great amount of vitamin c help to lower cortisol, the stress hormone . it prevents your blood sugar from spike.

>> here at your desk a stress ball ?

>> take one of these. is this a power move . people sitting behind their desk doing this. when we experience stress we tense up. this is an excellent way of relieving that tension.

>> these one minute solutions. just have a minute.

>> strawberries. i remember the strawberries.

>> sometimes you have five minutes. we think of apps being a stress reducer. i use gps for the soul. you can purity finger over the camera on your iphone and it will track your heart rate and it reminds you once a day to do this. because it tracks your heart rate it knows you're a little stressed today and if you are it will give you the option of walking through one of these guides of also doing a breathing pacer. it's awesome.

>> was that app called?

>> gps for the soul and available on the itunes app.

>> that's cool. how about listening to nature sounds .

>> yes. again this is the type of thing you might have at home, might put by your bedside table.

>> they have apps for that.

>> yeah. do it on your phone that's a modern way to do it. a lot of people love this. i love them all. great way to block out the outside world .

>> so now we're going to bounce a little bit. is that true?

>> my favorite one. al i'll put you here. willie you're on the ball. we spend most of our time at work in these chairs. so, with these part of it you're not going the believe me is just swirling around like this. this can help you reduce your stress in part because you feel really silly and it makes you laugh and that's great. now this most of us sit in a chair that's much more like this at work and that means we slump and we carry our stress that way. willie give me a little bounce. great way