TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

5 facts you might not know about red meat

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom gives the scoop on a new study that links carnitine in red meat to an increased risk of heart disease. She also shares five interesting facts to show why you shouldn’t cut red meat completely out of your diet.

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>> this morning on today's five facts what you may not know about red meat . the average american will bet 198 pounds of it this year. today our dietician is here. there's a new study about carotene and a link to heart d.c.

>> it's in protein foods and made by the body. it's safe. what happens in the connection between red meat haernt disease when up eat it it gets converted to a compound that interferes with cleft rholesterol metabolism. the american meat institute doesn't really agree with this assessment thinks it's a much more complicated issue. we'll see.

>> we know about protein but there are other things we get out of red meat .

>> a lot of months i was the that are very important. three big ones are iron, vitamin b12 and zinc. a lot of people don't get enough iron and if you don't eat red meat it's important to get iron and same with supplement b12. so a lot of good things.

>> the other fact, the other white meat pork. at least that's what a lot of people thought that was an ad campaign back in 1987 . pork is not white meat ?

>> pork is a red meat . when you cook it, it becomes white. that's confusion. it's a thing that makes a meat red. yes pork just like red meat you need to look for lean cuts.

>> like that pork loin we have.

>> a pork loin . loin, tenderloin.

>> you mentioned eating lean meat . there's a bunch of cuts of lean meats.

>> more than 25 cuts of lean meat . fatty steak is only a few things. be a smart chopper. one thing with this is because it's not as tender you have a big fatty cut you need to marinate it and tenderize it or cook it at low temperatures. that's something people are not willing to do. throw it in the crock pot or do something like that.

>> we hear about the difference between grain fed versus grass fed .

>> grass fed is leaner. think about a cow in old day. grass is normal thing cows would eat. less fat and better healthier fat profile. many cows are fed grain, corn and other things is fattier and profile is more sat riurated.

>> five good facts about red meat . we'll go commercial so we can start eating ourselves.

>> they do look good.

>> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>> coming up tomorrow we'll be cook.

>> how to wear white before memorial day .

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