TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Grill up juicy chicken for spring’s first barbecue

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s barbecue season again. Chef Sunny Anderson shares a couple of her favorite recipes to help you throw the first outdoor party of the season, including a spicy rub for chicken.

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>>> back now with today's kitchen. grier grillin' and chillin'. we're taking advantage of our furs beautiful detain new york city .

>> it's barbecue season. footprints in your snow but if you're bringing out the grill for the first time we'll show you how to clean it. don't use this thing.

>> why not?

>> we put make up on with a brush. and bristles are left on your face. same thing can happen on your grill. people put food on the grill. so cheap, clean, easy, get a ball of aluminum foil . wad it up. metal to metal.

>> you're leaving love on the grill.

>> you could soak that so it didn't accumulate.

>> you would have soaked it.

>> you goat the coals in there and you're heating up the koocoals.

>> why do you love bring? -- brining.

>> it seasons the inside. no one likes just the skin to taste good.

>> salt and water, i thereof add sugar and citrus to impart flavor. i got the bird completely butterflied here.

>> you dry it off. this is my barbecue blend. this is very simple to put together.

>> you'll use it as a rub.

>> under the skin then use to it baste it as well as it cooks on the grill. onion powder , cayenne powder, paprika, thyme, salt, cumin, lemon zest .

>> i made the butter yesterday because matt churns me on.

>> now i get the set up. you make your own butter?

>> no, i didn't. are your kid meg. this is a stick of butter.

>> you rub it on.

>> it rubs in. a little bit of brown sugar . what you do sue save half and the other half you don't want to get your hands all dirty to bring thunder here and you kind of get under the skin. if you put your finger under here make a little pocket. start making a pocket. between the skin and the actual meat and that's where you want to put --

>> but you get your hands dirty picking up the chicken.

>> so you stuff all that in there.

>> stuff it in there. rob it around. get down into the leg area.

>> that's nice.

>> she's starting to like this too much.

>> put it back on the grill.

>> how long will it cook?

>> about 45 to an hour. put it on indirect heat.

>> now you're going to make cream spinach with sausage.

>> this is cream spinach with sausage. lightning bridging the gap tweep spring and summer time . we have spinach. into the pan here, italian sausage . render it down, break it up. i'll add in a little bit of garlic, chili pepper flakes and red onion . the difference is this is meaty. this is kind of like a meal in one.

>> that wilts quickly.

>> very fast. then add a little bit of heavy cream and some sour cream and parmesan cheese . you can always do light sour cream but come on.

>> look at this.

>> that's my grandma's red velvet case. this is on my list of things to eat if i were to ever have my favorite last meal is my grandma's red velvet. hey grandma , north carolina .

>> please tune into "chop all-stars." it's on sunday nights on food network . i just won for my charity out of d.c. it's a group of women that helps each other. it takes a village.

>> you're going back?

>> yes. we'll talk about what happened last night

>> we'll be back after your local news.