TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

High-tech fashion: Virtual changing room, LED dress

Tech expert Katie Linendoll demonstrates what happens when fashion and technology combine, showing off wearable tech products that include a dress that lights up with LEDs and a program that helps you try on clothes virtually.

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>> we're kicking off something new this morning. we're calling it "try it out today." our guide tech expert katie, hello girl. let's discuss what we have on, what you're wearing right now. i see lights flashing.

>> technology and fashion are becoming further intertwined. how cool is this l.e.d. dress. i'm controlling it off a remote control. this is from cute circuit. this company is amazing. they have been creating wearable technology since 2004 . they have a number of different products to choose from. you don't even see the battery packs. they are inside the fabric. you charged them to the computer and last one to two days on a dress.

>> you go out in the rain and you're still good.

>> pretty good shape. celebs are on board. a-list stars. coolest thing i've seen them krae is an app enabled dress and who better to show that off than come out here natalie.

>> i'm a christmas tree . i

>> oil change the patterns. there's 30 different features.

>> wait.

>> from a smartphone. how awesome is that technology.

>> what ethic was that?

>> this is a dress that deserves watching.

>> give to it hr.

>> this is the one katie perry wore it.

>> yeah.

>> is it comfortable?

>> it is comfortable. there's some like hard packs going on but, you know, the dress covers it well.

>> al has something going on.

>> talk about coming to a retail store near you. it's a virtual dressing room. the awesome part about this is it will calibrate to al's body. put your left hand up. choose your closet. go down to al.

>> wow, look at that.

>> it's powered off of microsoft's connect technology. it will scan 48 points on al's body. imagine being able to try out new collections. you can make it a red carpet scene or anything from an outdoor scene.

>> there are times you go to a store you want to buy something you don't feel like changing your clothes.

>> correct.

>> you might say will this come to a department store ? absolutely. hoda hop in there.

>> this is in bloomingdale's for new york fashion week. in to 26 stores. other hand. right hand.

>> so it's going to take a few seconds to calibrate your body. hold out your seconds for a few seconds.

>> are we keeping you up, hoda?

>> matt, you got to get up there.

>> finish it up.

>> we made a drink for you in one of your outfits.

>> come on, matt.

>> we go break here.

>> what about willie?

>> willie come on out here. this is an l.e.d. tie. it's only 30 bucks. pretty amazing technology. your dad doesn't have the light up tie.

>> it should come with a squirt gun .