TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Lawmakers outraged by Beyonce’s trip to Cuba

Members of Congress, including Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, are demanding to know how Beyonce and Jay-Z were permitted to enter Cuba when American tourists are banned from the country, but the Obama administration and the couple’s reps are remaining tight-lipped.

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>>> new name. new questions and outrage from lawmakers this morning following beyonce and jay-z's trip to cuba . kelly o'donnell has the latest.

>> reporter: the superstar couple isn't talking even after reuters reports they did have a required license from the treasury department . u.s. officials aren't saying either if beyonce and jay-z were given the authorization to visit cuba . was it really an island getaway for mega stars, or a cultural exchange licensed by the u.s. government ?

>> it trivializes the serious human rights violations that are still occurring daily.

>> reporter: beyonce and jay-z's four day visit was celebrated by the communist government of cuba but has cuban-american lawmakers fuming.

>> to have such a high- profile entertainment couple get away with this, go on a vacation, label it as a cultural exchange.

>> reporter: monday the obama administration avoided questions.

>> decisions made about cultural travel and academic travel are made by the treasury department .

>> reporter: american tourists are banned from cuba but there are government approved educational and cultural exchanges. after reports the famous pair was granted a license, florida senator marco rubio demanded answers. if true, the obama administration should explain exactly how trips like these comply with u.s. law . sources in cuba tell nbc news there was some cultural exchange, the iconic couple did meet with artist, musicians and students. and sources in havana tell us the couple arrived by private plane from miami and typically a direct flight from the u.s. is not permited into cuba without the proper documentation. another clue.

>> kelly o'donnell in washington. thank